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Rules, Bets and how to Play the Classic Casino Game of Roulette

Are you a  live roulette fanatic? There is good news; you can enjoy the real casino-like feeling right from the comfort of your home. The easier the game is to understand, the greater a house edge and roulette is no exception. Not only is it easy to understand, but it a very slow paced game which beginners are set to enjoy. The process involves selecting your favorite, get comfortable, watch where the ball ends up and have fun while at it. Roulette is one of the easiest table games that consists of a wheel, ball and a table marked with separate boxes containing numbers in varied arrangements (0-36).

To play, you are required to place bets against one or more numbers then click on the spin button. Once the ball is rolled in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel, you win or lose depending on the number it settles on. Playing it online is easier since you have unlimited chances of releasing the ball until you win.

How it works

One major difference between roulette and other table games is that the roulette chips have no specific value attached on them. A typical roulette table consists of 300 chips allocated to different types 6-8 sets. Each player is required to purchase different colors for chips and its value is the buy-in divided by the number of chips obtained. The dealer places a token on his stack of chips to indicate its face value. Quite easy, don’t you think?

The history of roulette

It’s no secret that roulette entails odds, house edges and statistics. When Blaise Pascal, a French physicist, was inventing the roulette wheel in 1655 casino game was the last thing on his mind. He simply wanted to introduce a continuous motion machine to inspire other upcoming non-scientists who found it thrilling to witness it function without relying on third party energy. Since the law of physics does not agree with this rationale, Pascal simply wanted to prove otherwise. Well, his idea failed but it brought a new thing into the world of casino.

Initially, playing zero roulette was next to impossible if you were not in Europe. Only double zero roulette was being played in the US. All that changed when online roulette was introduced. Now, you can play any online roulette type no matter where you are in the world.

Roulette rules

Discovering the main objective for playing roulette gives you a better edge in understanding te rules. The main purpose is to win big in each session you play to avoid losing your bets. Now that you are planning to play European roulette, it is important to master a few basics as summarized below:

  • ‘En prison rule’

This roulette rule applies for even-bets only. Once the zero sets in, the player can either demand for half the bet or lose the other half. The other alternative would be leave the bet (in prison) for the next round of roulette wheel for nothing gamble. If it does not meet zero requirements, then the whole bet is lost. But if it matches the bet, the player can demand a refund.

  • ‘La Partage’ rule

The main difference between ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’ rule is when the zero is achieved, half the bet is lost.

  • Bets (Maximum and Minimum) stakes

Different casinos will impose different rates for maximum and minimum stakes for a typical roulette table which is sometimes done for fun. For a player to win, he needs to have an amount exceeding the minimum stake. Maximum stake only highlights the maximum allowed for a single numerical value ‘straight up’ bet. Maximum bet authorized for a pair of numbers is twice the maximum straight-up bet, the maximum and so on. It entirely depends on how much the casino is willing to lose.

North American rules

Rules are quite similar to European’s only that the double zeros function similarly as the single zero. Both North American and the Caribbean roulette feature wheels with a double zero and all bets (apart from direct bet) are lost when either zero turns up. As a result, weaker odds are achieved for the punter and an increase in the house’s share. It is no wonder this type of roulette is less popular in other parts of the world.

The general rule for each types emphasizes on players placing their bets before the ball is dropped but it is also possible to wager when the wheel is still moving. The dealer’s role is to call the end of a betting round and once the ball stops in its final destination, winners are awarded and a new session starts. Since it is a table game, players are the only ones allowed to sit at the table. Spectators can do so from a distance. Participants are required to place their bets quickly before the dealer calls it off to prevent their opponents from going into further confusion.

The player is required to purchase chips from the casino’s cashier and place a bet on any number, group of numbers or betting areas. Thereafter, the dealer will place bets on behalf of the player unlike online roulette where you decide when to spin the wheel,

How to play European roulette

Roulette is one of the most glamorous casino games simply because it is relatively simple and easy to understand. Serious better for real money can take full advantage of level of depth offered by roulette. A typical European roulette consists of a wheel with 37 strides and ball that can land with an equal chance on any one of the numbers. The stops are marked with numbers starting from 0 and 1-36 marked in either red or black. You are required to place a bet using chips placed on the roulette table. Winnings entirely depend on a multiplier of the betting amount.

Tips for playing live roulette

The game of roulette is entirely fun-based but this does not necessarily mean that stakes bear no value or the outcome is not equally important. It is no wonder people avoid trading in virtual currency simply because they cannot track their progress and won’t know if they have won or not. That said, not everything you come across online is worth a try. Some of these platforms are more likely to negatively affect the end user instead of making them rich. Here are a few tips to use when selecting the best online platform:

Avoid getting tempted by appealing offers such as bonuses and loyalty promotions. Narrow your search to reputable casinos; probably ones that have been in existence for a long while to avoid getting duped.

  • Monitor your money withdrawal options

Even though the main objective is to win on every round, the casino should provide options to cash out your earnings with ease. Before making your deposit ensure you explore options for commissions and fees.

  • Go for live dealer casinos over RNGs

It is very difficult for a reputable organization which has gone through a series of auditing by respectable companies to scam you.

  • Consider choosing bitcoin casinos

Now that most modern online casinos allow customers to make payments via cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, it is important to consider one that fulfills this option. While it is important to use other modes of payment, cryptocoins are the best forms since they are gaining strength each day.

  • State your bankroll and stick to it

You have a better chance of winning if the ball lands where you placed your bet. While it is important to sin, players need to obey strict strategies and set stop-loss limits as well as win-targets. To maintain a stand, you need to submit your bankroll and discipline to avoid making losses. Settle for the long game and avoid downswings and upswings from interfering with your decision.

  • Learn and understand the basic rules

Since it is one of the easiest games to play through the internet, ensure you take as much time as possible to understand what it is all about. Also, understand rules for different casinos since they are unique. Conduct proper research before you download any version on your Android phone to avoid picking the rules when spinning the wheel.

  • Scrutinize the odds and payouts; do the math

It does not take rocket science to understand how calculations are done since numbers and probabilities is all that matters. Payouts vary for inside and outside bets.

  • Choose a betting system that works in your favor

Numerous  apps will allow you to make a good decision with regards to bankrolls and expectations. If you choose to play for a roulette strategy working in your favor, you are making the right decision.

  • Don’t stick to roulette alone

While it is important to have fun and earn money while playing roulette, you should focus on other goals. It could be return on investment and spending idle time wisely. All the same, you should assess your intelligence before beating the odds.

So, what it the future for online roulette?

Most gambling analysts argue that another zero on the wheel may be added or a change of odds may occur. Some believe newer and better realistic online roulette wheels will be invested. One way to find out is to continue playing while hoping for the best.

Roulette By Remote Control

Does casino by remote control sound suspicious to you? Well, it should. Players need to be aware that there are scams around and this is one of them. The latest cheat to be found in some criminal venues use a magnetic ball operated remotely to influence the outcome. Fortunately, it is not something you should worry about when playing at a casino with a reputable gambling licence, but know that such technology exists and when selecting a casino to play roulette, chose wisely!