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A New Form of Roulette That Is Already Famous

Blaise Pascal used a rudimentary form of roulette in 1655 while studying perpetual motion. By the year 1796, the game was already available in some French casinos, and it can be found described in quite a bit of detail in one of the novels written by Jaques Lablee. From the start, the double-zero version was used, and it wasn’t until the 1860s that the European version was introduced. It removed one of the green pockets while keeping the payout rates the same to give players a better chance at winning in the long run.

Over the many decades, roulette was adapted in casinos all over the world and is now one of the most iconic titles among gamblers. You can find a roulette table in any casino and on countless casino sites.

While American Roulette and European Roulette remain the most common variants of the little wheel, players can also enjoy new versions that promise more excitement. Double Ball Roulette was introduced in 2011 and can now be found in many land-based casinos. It is also a game offered in live dealer format at top sites.

As the name suggests, the primary feature of Double Ball Roulette, when compared to the classic versions, is that it uses two balls instead of one. An air gun throws these balls at the same time and drops on the wheel pockets when they lose momentum.

Double Ball Roulette - Perfectly Suited for All Avid Gamblers

Players seem to enjoy the new and exciting feature available in Double Ball Roulette. It appeals more to experienced players who have already experienced the classic versions for many sessions in the past.

At its core, it remains a fun casino game with many betting possibilities. The variation is suitable for all types of gamblers from around the globe. It caters to anyone since players can bet on how many numbers they see fit for a matching payout. Also, Double Ball Roulette comes with a jackpot payout that makes it a prime target for customers chasing a big win. You can place a bet on both balls dropping on specific numbers for the chance to win 1,200 or 1,300 times the wager.

If you are not interested in the long bets, you can focus on the outside chances instead. Another particular option here is for one ball to be black and one to be red. It is the only one that pays 1:1.

Game Rules and Unique Features for Double Ball Roulette

If you are planning on jumping into the action at a Double Ball Roulette table, we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the rules first. The game is slightly more challenging to learn than the classic versions. Players who enjoy roulette can quickly determine how the extra ball, and the modified payouts, affect the gameplay.

Before we get to the payouts, however, we have a quick guide for new players. Double Ball Roulette can be played in either European (37 total numbers with one green pocket) or the American version (38 total numbers with two green pockets). The payout rates are pretty much the same, although there can be some differences when it comes to the jackpot.

The action is played around a wheel with pockets. Each pocket is numbered according to set rules and the colours alternate between red and black. The extra green pockets are for the numbers 0 and 00. You can bet on any of the numbers individually or opt for larger groups based on their position on the table or based on some characteristics (red/black, odd/even, low/high).

After the bets are placed, the wheel is spun, and two balls are shot from a special air gun in the opposite direction. Both balls are thrown at the same time and with the same force, so they don’t collide with one another. As these balls lose momentum and the wheel slows down, they drop in the pockets available at the bottom. This process determines the winning numbers by random chance.

If your bet covers the winning numbers, you will receive prizes based on set payout rates. Inside bets are the ones covering smaller groups of numbers, and it is enough for one ball to match to get a prize. For a successful straight bet on one number, you will get 17:1 if one ball matches and 34:1 of both balls stop in the same pocket.

To win an outside bet in Double Ball Roulette, both balls need to land in the selected betting option. The rates are higher than they are in the classic versions. You stand to win a payout of 3:1 for Low/High, Even/Odd, or Red/Black bets. Wagers that cover 12 numbers pay 8:1. There is an additional place for Red & Black that can be found in this variant and it pays 1:1 if one ball lands on a red pocket and the other on a black one.

As we mentioned before, you can also bet on both balls landing in one pocket. If you manage to predict the number of a spin correctly, you will win 1200:1 or 1300:1, depending on the version.

The house edge depends on the selected bet but is generally a bit higher than the regular roulette versions played with one ball. For example, the house advantage for Double Ball European Roulette is 2.77% while European Roulette gives the casino an edge over the player of 2.70%.

The Best Strategies to Beat the House in Roulette

Double Ball Roulette presents some unique betting options and with them, an entire range of possibilities. Since the game is starting to become popular with more casinos are offering this version of roulette, our experts advise gamblers to opt for the European variant if possible. It has a lower house edge since there is one pocket for zero. Another useful tip would be to practice playing online, without having to use real money. Demo mode is perfect for trying out new games and players can benefit from a few practice rounds when it comes to this option.

If you are going to play Double Ball Roulette for real money, you might as well enjoy its unique features. To this end, we recommend placing a bet on two balls for the same number. It pays 1300 to 1, making it one of the highest payout rates across all casino games. You can combine this bet with other selections to claim winnings from other sources as well.

For gambling enthusiasts that want to use betting strategies, the safest route is to stick to the Red & Black bet since this pays 1:1 and has a good RTP. You can try the tried and tested betting models for this wager in European Double Ball Roulette, such as martingale, fixed percentage, and the Kelly strategy.

Strategies in roulette do not offer a guarantee that you will win. However, the results are usually more favourable than when betting the same amount round after round. Each strategy has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the martingale pattern for betting is based on chasing lost wagers. The player must double the bet following a lost round. The concept here is that a successful bet will provide the needed payout to cover expenses. The downside is that it can only take a short losing streak to make the size of the wager unaffordable.

Betting a fixed percentage is more forgiving during bad streaks since the size of the bet goes down after losing a round. Players must maintain a stake that is the same percentage of the balance for every round. If you win, the bet goes up. Percentage betting is excellent for providing results over more extended sessions, and it is significantly less risky than the martingale strategy mentioned before.

A Roulette Version with the Most Exciting Mechanics

Double Ball Roulette comes with some unique features while also maintaining the core mechanics that made the game a casino favourite in the first place. Players are drawn in by the slightly different betting table and by the two balls spinning on the wheel. Plus, you should also consider the jackpot of 1300 times the bet when taking a seat at the table. Newcomers must pay attention to the rules. The winning conditions are different between inside and outside bets. As a result, Double Ball Roulette is a bit more challenging to learn than standard roulette games.

As for the RTP, the differences are minor. The double ball feature can be applied to both European and American roulette variants. If you want to play against a lower house edge, we recommend that you stick to the European version. Skill is not an essential factor as experienced players have the same chances of winning as beginners. All in all, Double Ball Roulette stands out as being the most entertaining variants of the little wheel, and we can honestly recommend playing it for that. You can check out the live dealer options today!

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