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A Quick Intro to Speed Roulette

Time is money, and this also applies to casino games. Generally speaking, there is a lot of downtime when playing betting games in a casino, especially when opting for the land-based establishments over the online versions. You have to wait for other players to get their bets in and then the dealer has to award all the winnings. It all takes time that could have been spent playing more rounds.

Roulette is notorious for taking up a lot of time due to its mechanics. Even after the bets are placed, it still takes a while for the wheel to stop spinning and for the ball to drop in one of the pockets. Speed Roulette is a new version that was introduced in casinos a few years ago. It also made it to online casinos in live dealer format as recently as 2017.

Live Speed Roulette promises the thrill of casino roulette with the fast pace of online gaming. It is the latest addition to the catalogue featuring the little wheel. It marks an evolution that took more than 200 years, and it is quickly becoming the preferred version.

Speed Roulette is played either in American or in the European version. The main feature is that a round takes as little as 25 seconds. Players can enjoy more spins per hour, with the faster pace making for a more exciting session.

The Fastest Way to Win - Perfect for Busy Players

Speed Roulette is not the ideal starting game for beginners. The fast pace can be a bit hard to follow, even with the simple rules. It is best to start with regular versions of roulette. Once you are more experienced, the speed variant can be the perfect fit. You can enjoy 50 extra rounds during an hour, which can translate into a lot more winnings.

The betting range is another thing to consider from the start. Speed Roulette is not yet widely spread, and so there are only a few options available. As a result, the table limits are not very impressive overall. Most titles are aimed towards recreational players. You might have difficulties finding high stakes tables for Speed Roulette.

At its core, the game remains a fun casino option with a lot of betting possibilities. Many players are attracted to the diversity that comes with a roulette table. You can bet on one specific number or almost half of them with a single wager. You can risk a lot for the chance to win 35:1 or take the safe route for a 1:1 payout. Whatever your preference is, it is very likely that you will find it in roulette.

Learn How to Play Speed Roulette in a Few Minutes

Given the fact that Speed Roulette is all about fast gameplay, we have prepared a quick playing guide for you. The game is essentially the same as European or American Roulette, depending on the selected version. This means that players can bet on what number they think will win in the next round. Bets can be on one or multiple numbers. The betting table in roulette presents different groups for easier access. Placing a bet is effortless. You only have to set the casino chips in the right position on the table.

In Speed Roulette, the dealers are trained to keep the fast pace going, and the wheel is a bit different. In fact, the roulette wheel doesn’t even come to a complete stop in this variant. Players can place their bets while the wheel is still spinning. The dealer announces the end of the betting round, and the ball quickly falls in one of the pockets after that.

Generally speaking, a complete round of Speed Roulette takes about 20-25 seconds when playing online. Thanks to the live dealer interface, users can place their wagers just by clicking on the layout. Another big plus is that winnings are awarded automatically once the outcome is determined. A new round begins immediately after.

The house edge depends on the variant used. European Roulette is the one with one green slot for 0, which gives the casino advantage of 2.70% on every spin. The additional green pocket for 00 in American Roulette increases the house edge to 5.26%. It is straightforward to distinguish between the two, and we recommend opting for Speed European Roulette whenever possible.

5 Fast & Rewarding Strategies to WIN in Speed Roulette

Experienced players are drawn in by the promise of more rounds per hour. However, users can face some roadblocks when it comes to applying different betting strategies. Some of the models require calculations, and this can take time. If you want to make the most out of your sessions, we have some grand betting strategies for you to try out:

A. Bet the Same

The most relaxing approach is to bet the same amount and simply enjoy the game. For small sessions, it all comes down to luck, and this makes it entertaining. In the long run, the house edge comes into play, and the casino starts to pull away in winnings. Fixed betting is excellent in Speed Roulette and is best used for outside bets. Gamblers can also try straight wagers for an even more thrilling experience.

Online customers can use the repeat button to place the same wager on every round easily.

B. Bet Everything

If it is excitement you want at the roulette table, then just place your entire playing bankroll on one even money bet. There is a famous story of an English man who sold everything he had and then put more than $100,000 on red in a casino in Las Vegas. The winning number was 7, which is red, and so he doubled his fortunes and walked away.

It is the fastest way to double your money in a casino. On the other hand, it can also be the quickest way to lose everything. We always advise caution and playing responsibly.

C. Embrace the Chaos

Since it is impossible to know what the winning number will be, the chaos betting strategy advises players to just select random numbers for every round. This method is for sure exciting, and the odds of winning remain the same. The only issue is that you will have to quickly select a few numbers on the table during the small window of time allocated for betting in Speed Roulette.

D. Combine Bets

There is a wide range of betting options in roulette, and there is no reason to stick to a few of them. Many experienced roulette players bet on one outside location and a specific number. For example, you can bet on red and 27. The even-money bet will be successful about every other round while the straight bet needs only to appear once in 30 shots for a nice profit.

Speed Roulette is the ideal version for putting this strategy into practice since you can enjoy more rounds and not waste any time.

E. Hit the Double Button

We saved the best for last. This is the most popular strategy for betting, and it works well with this casino game. Players can quickly bet double the amount used in the previous round when playing online Speed Roulette. This makes it a good candidate for the martingale betting model.

In short, you have to press the double button after losing a bet that pays even money. You can do this several times in a row if needed. In the end, one win will not just cover your expenses but also give you a profit the size of the initial wager.

The Fastest Gameplay at the Casino Tables

Speed Roulette is a game unlike any other on the casino floor. It is fast, and it is exciting. The entertainment value goes up thanks to the fast pace of the action. The winnings can follow in the same footsteps since the European version has a very good return to player (RTP) rate. There is almost no waiting time, and so you are guaranteed not to get bored, especially if your lucky numbers come up and you win up to 35 times more than you wagered.

As for the difficulty of playing, Speed Roulette is slightly harder to play than the regular versions. This is because you have to place your bets within a small window of time. Other than that, the game mechanics remain the same, and the outcome is determined by random chance. You can put your skills to the test and use some of the expert betting strategies in roulette for the potential to win even more!

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