Best Fan Tan Casinos

Fan Tan is an ancient bead game popular with Chinese gambling dens. Mostly you’ll find the game in land-based casinos like Macau, but there’s a live dealer version in online casinos. Most gamblers are probably not familiar with it. Nonetheless, it’s a straightforward and entertaining game of chance.

Evolution Gaming is a renowned software publisher that offers the live dealer version of the game at online casinos. The popularity of Fan Tan has grown over the years, and currently, you’ll find several casinos offering the classic game. So, what are some of these online casinos?

Best Fan Tan Online Casinos in 2022

Fan Tan casinos are online sites that offer this captivating game. Evolution Gaming developed the game. Therefore, if you see the Evolution logo in the provider’s list at a casino, chances are Fan Tan is available. However, we’ve taken the liberty of recommending the best Fan Tan online casinos below to save you the bother.

Fan Tan Casinos
10 £ + 100 % up to 300 £
Welcome Bonus 500% + 500 Free Spins up to €3000
100% bonus up to £123
21 Bonus Spins + 121% up to €300
UP TO €900 + 120 EXTRA SPINS
800 EUR + 100 spins (not applicable for UK and DE)
150% Bonus up to €400 & 20 spins on Doom of Dead
100% up to £100 + 200 spins!
100% up to £100 + 200 spins
10£ + 100% up to £50 + 20 free spins
300% Up to €/$3000+50FS
20 £ + £ 50 up to 100 £ + 50 free spins
100% up to €200+77FS
100% up to £333+100FS
100% up to £50 + 50 freespins on Starburst
UP TO £10 Free Welcome Bonus. No Deposit Needed!
100% up to €/$200+100FS
UP TO €1500
100% up to €500 + 200 free spins
100% up to £50 or 123 Fee Spins

Fan Tan Review

As with all live-dealer games, Fan Tan also has a dealer or croupier present. The game is played on a table approximately the size of a Craps table. 

The croupier stands at the center of the table with about six (6) players surrounding him, each with a betting segment. In the croupier’s section, there’s a clear plastic dome filled with hundreds of white beads or buttons. 

How-to Play Fan Tan

The game commences after the dealer lifts the clear dome and scoops the beads with a tumbler cup. Generally, the cup can hold approximately 50-70 beads; the number is always random.

Players will then place their different bets. The croupier will proceed to lift the cup and divide the beads into batches of four by a wand. Therefore, the player aims to predict how many beads will remain in the last set to win the bet. Usually, the number of beads will be 1, 2, 3, or 4. Easy, huh?

However, it’s important to note that the casino imposes a commission of 5% on all wins, except for pushes.

Types of Fan Tan Bets

The winning bet in Fan Tan is determined by the number of beads in the last batch. For example, if you bet there will be 3 beads in the final set, and the outcome is 3, you win. That said, these are the different bets you can make in Fan Tan:


It’s a wager on a single number with payout odds of 3:1 and 2.85:1 before and after commission, respectively. Also, this bet type has a 3.75% house edge.


A Kwok is a wager on two numbers, with the winning number paying 1:1 and 19:20 before and after commission sequentially. It has a house edge of 2.50%.


It’s a bet on two numbers, of which one could be a draw or push. The winning number payouts at odds of 2:1 before the commission. After, it pays 1.9:1. Also, it has a 2.50% house edge.

Nga Tan

It’s a wager on three numbers, of which one would be a draw/push. It has a 1.25% house edge, and the payout is 2:1 and 19:40 before and after commission, respectively.

Sheh-Sam-Hong (SSH)

This is a bet on three numbers with a 1.25% house edge. It pays out at 1:3 and 19:60 before and after commission sequentially if you win. 

If one number is indicated as a draw or push, you’ll receive your bet amount back: you don’t win or lose! Let’s say, for example, you made a Nga Tan bet where (1) is indicated as a push and (2) and (3) wins. Therefore, if (1) the push wins, you get your money back!

The best bets to make in Fan Tan are Nga Tan and Sheh-Sam-Hong. That’s because they have the lowest house edge meaning your chances of winning are higher than other bets. However, their payout is lower than bets like Fan.


Fan Tan is an exciting game best suited for low rollers. Fan Tan is the best if you’re looking for a lucrative alternative game in the live casino section. It’s easy to learn. Although Fan Tan winnings are small, you stand to win more often than other live casino games. 

The aim is to win, right? So, why not Fan Tan as a choice? It’s simple! Sign up at any of our recommended and licensed Fan Tan casinos, claim bonuses, and bank with trusted payment methods to enjoy an untamed Fan Tan live-dealer adventure!

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2022