International Association of Gaming Advisors (

What is the IAGA?

The International Association of Gaming Advisors,, has progressively grown to become a seasoned and cooperative forum that addresses cross-cutting issues regarding the current global gaming phenomenon. With massive support that includes financial advisors, academics, consultants, senior executives, and leading attorneys, IAGA possesses the unique capacity to host auspicious events and conferences majoring in industry topics and trends. IAGA practically provides an opportunity to gain valuable networks as well as obtain a vital education.

The IAGA’s History

IAGA’s prominent rise to global status can be traced back to 1979 in Nevada where it was known as the National Association of Gaming Attorneys (NAGA). Founded by seasoned gaming attorneys the institution had an entrenched focus on protecting the mutual interests of its members while also facilitating negotiations and encouraging education in the industry.

Its exceptional reputation spread like wildfire beyond Nevada and its blossoming membership spread across the U.S, France, the United Kingdom and other European countries where accomplished attorneys had a penchant for regulated gaming. Based on its rapidly developing status and membership, NAGA ultimately evolved to IAGA in 2007 to efficiently meet the needs of the diverse clientele with its inaugural conference held in Monte Carlo.

Over the years, IAGA has rapidly expanded to Canada, the Carribean and Australia on its global quest to attain international representation and attract more gaming fanatics. At its core, IAGA not only focuses on tapping into the needs of the gaming population but also goes above and beyond to include operational segments and professionals from the gaming industry. Ever since its highly publicised transformation, IAGA has overwhelmingly extended its services beyond attorneys to incorporate educators, consultants, casino executives, and financial experts

Since its initial conference in Nevada, IAGA has grown by leaps and bounds and has held glamorous summits across various cities such as Amsterdam, Montreal, Monte Carlo, London, Lisbon, Rome, Buenos Aires and New York. More importantly, each summit was commemorated with a new president tasked with taking IAGA and the entire gaming industry to remarkable heights.

Membership & Benefits

The International Association of Gaming Advisors has provided an informative and collaborative forum for expounding on fundamental issues affecting the global gaming industry. Along with membership to the IAGA, members are assured of an uncompromised standard of professional ethics crucial in furthering professional development. Members have uniquely played a role in shaping the industry’s future through collaborative opportunities as participants gain unfiltered access to the heartbeat of the business. IAGA members receive the following benefits:

  • Offer unfiltered support to all facets of the gambling industry through conferences, publications, and additional information to aid in knowledge acquisition through renowned programs such as the annual “Shannon Bybee Scholarship” that promotes the intensive learning of gaming law.

  • Immense knowledge that serves as an exceptional resource tool in the operation and development of regulated gaming platforms worldwide.

  • Current information on the latest trends and practices in the gaming industry to keep through events to inform members on the best techniques guaranteed to yield profits.

  • Seminars offer an excellent opportunity to harness networking opportunities with like-minded associates.

An annual membership at IAGA ensures that members have unrestricted access to regulators, advisors, and seasoned industry executives that will disseminate informative news regarding radical changes in the gambling sector. Moreover, the input of individual members is highly regarded by the organisation to promote cohesiveness and synergetic relationships.

How the IAGA Benefits Players

Initially, IAGA represented an elite group of attorneys that had an insatiable appetite for regulated gaming and gambling. This elite group has progressively grown over the years to include practically anyone with a decent income and a penchant for gambling. It’s irrefutably clear that the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) plays an integral role in cultivating gambling habits to moderation.