International Association of Gaming Regulators (

Who are the IAGR

The gaming and gambling industry is poised to reap enormous revenue courtesy of the rapidly growing target market coupled with the integration of state-of-the-art technology. The IAGR aligns industry gambling operators with institutions uniquely adept at protecting their interests to ensure sustainable growth. The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) comprises of seasoned officials from regulatory organisations worldwide.

The International Regulators Focus

Their primary mission focuses on advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the gambling regulation by:

  • Providing a consultative forum through which gaming regulators from various corners of the world can brainstorm and identify emerging policy issues affecting the gambling industry.

  • Nurture cooperation between novice and veteran gaming regulators in the execution of official duties with precision.

  • Setting up a neutral point for disseminating inquiries from gaming regulatory enterprises, officials from the international gaming arena, and various governments.

History of the International Association of Gaming Regulators

The International Association of Gaming Regulators or commonly known as can be traced back to 1980 as the newest additions from the International Association of Gaming Attorneys (IAGA) annual meeting. In a strategic move aimed at fostering independence, the IAGR subsidiary voted to break away from its parent organisation (IAGA), and operate as an independent entity in late 2010.

Having detached itself from IAGA, the IAGR was formally incorporated as a non-profit association with precise instructions regarding its new management structure. Under its bylaws, the IAGR’s leadership was transformed from a Steering Committee and meticulously offered to the Chairman of the Board’s Trustees and advised by a skilled team of officers and a President.

Since its inception in 2010, the International Association of Gaming Regulators has remarkably grown to attract astonishing numbers and currently includes regulators spanning across Europe, Africa, South America, North America, the Carribean, and many more. Cape Town, South Africa had the auspicious opportunity to serve as the institution’s first independent conference.

The Sharing of Knowledge

Knowledge dissemination is a hallmark of IAGR, which firmly believes in keeping group members updated on current and emerging news regarding the gaming and gambling fraternity. This inherently expedited the creation of knowledge sharing units for members to deliberate, brainstorm, and form synergetic partnerships.

How IAGR Protects Players and the Industry At Large

Ensuring protection in the gambling business is a necessity that every regulator should take seriously. Here’s a breakdown of the knowledge sharing groups that help protect players and the fraternity at large.


The E-gaming knowledge sharing platform brings on-board interested regulators to comprehend how to control remote gambling with finesse, while also identifying practices to help alleviate associated risks. This includes considering various policy constraints and legal jurisdictions through the following measures:

  • Offering unlimited opportunities to broaden scope and awareness into emerging issues associated with mobile and internet gambling.

  • Fostering ethical practice, developing and analysing technical papers worldwide.

  • Creating an inclusive platform that promotes information sharing and regulatory approaches to the highly dynamic gaming and gambling industry.

Land-Based Gambling

The Land-based gambling knowledge group lends much emphasis on the jurisdiction of the terrestrial casino with a twofold purpose:

  • Recognizing the critical trends in land-based gambling and discussing critical issues that members face and managing the subsequent challenges in the rapidly evolving industry.

  • Harnessing collaborative initiatives, such as information exchange and knowledge sharing, through research collaborations in jurisdictions linked to land-based gaming.


As a gamer with an insatiable appetite for gambling, you will undoubtedly come across manipulation of sports competitions and match-fixing scandals. Through the group, members are informed on how to deal with the said manipulations by:

  • By providing unfiltered access to good practice and market analysis strategies worldwide.

  • Empowering members with a platform to ask questions and share informative data on techniques to prevent and curb corrupt sports betting practices worldwide.

  • Creating highly coveted opportunities to help with much-needed insight into match-fixing scandals that have an adverse impact on transparent growth.

Money Laundering

The Money Laundering Knowledge group delves into comparing and discussing current efficient strategies geared at preventing money laundering. Typically, it includes:

  • Exploring legislative initiatives and legal practices.

  • Analyzing the role played by internal control systems in nurturing gambling environments.

  • To expound on case studies and their potential effect on gambling regulations.

  • To advocate for consultative partnership through technical discussions and information sharing mechanisms.

  • To educate members on the remarkable benefits of regulatory responses.

Responsible Gambling

The Responsible gambling platform lends much emphasis to empowering regulators and promoting initiatives aimed at strengthening responsible gambling practices. To reach such a noble goal, the group strives to:

  • Analyze the technical challenges in implementing preventive access to vulnerable individuals with an appetite for gambling.

  • Identify and pursue the best legal avenues to minimising risks associated with gambling.

  • Execute effective initiatives to enhance responsible gaming and gambling at both the local and national level.

  • Establish a forum that promotes information dissemination as well as offering advice on all matters related to sound gambling.