North American Gaming Regulators (NAGRA.ORG)


So you’ve just set up a gaming company with the sole intention of capitalising on this highly profitable investment. As noble as your plans might be, navigating through the administrative hurdles can be a massive challenge, let alone learning a few ropes about the trade. For anyone who likes wagering or setting up a gaming platform, being updated on what’s happening in the betting and gambling industry is essential.

NAGRA.ORG, which stands for North American Gaming Regulators, is a reputable nonprofit professional entity of gaming regulators spanning across North America. The institution meticulously brings together various agencies that control gambling activities and provides a consultative forum to facilitate mutual exchange of techniques and information. NAGRA is not only focused on collecting and circulating enforcement and procedural information but the education and training to their diverse membership. The organisation acts as a unified voice in advocating for legislative policies aimed at regulating rules about gaming and gambling activities.

Vision & Goals

NAGRA’s vision is to provide unparalleled support for the mutual exchange of techniques and information speaks volumes about its commitment to protecting gaming enterprises. By delivering educative information and procedures, NAGRA has progressively won over the hearts of hundreds of gaming platforms. More importantly, the sponsored annual conferences go a long way in redefining how stakeholders operate in the gaming industry.

History of NAGRA.ORG

Formed in 1984, NAGRA consists of local, state, federal, and provincial government entities that are mandated with regulating legitimate gaming activities. Typically, it includes games such as raffles, lotteries, pull-tabs, bingo, and casino nights that can be harnessed by nonprofit enterprises to raise capital.

Come to think of it, NAGRA is widely considered to have responded to the remarkable growth in the gambling industry by extending its scope to incorporate regulatory measures entailing casino and video gaming, riverboat and Indian gaming. Such games undeniably fall under the organisation’s threshold to serving members’ interests.

Benefits to Members

Unlike other regulatory authorities, NAGRA has uniquely crafted its reputation by sponsoring education conferences and annual training to take the gaming industry to a whole new level. Their conventions entail offering informative “Member Update” meetings where attendants obtain revolutionary gaming experiences, legislative amendments, and any other information that is crucial to the course.

How Nominations for the 2017 Participants Get Accepted

To foster collaboration and innovation, the NAGRA Annual Meeting has strived to present highly coveted Awards to individuals and enterprises that have demonstrated astonishing excellence in this field. Such a highly distinguished gathering comes in the backdrop of nominations submitted to NAGRA members at the end of each financial year as a committee deliberates and picks its winner.

The auspicious award is open to enterprises that have showcased impeccable accomplishments in the enforcement and regulatory environment. However, all contenders must be current members of NAGRA. All participants are instructed to present nominations in writing which essentially include achievements and current projects executed by the nominees. Each submission should consist of the nominee’s name, their contact information, jurisdiction and title.

Once collected, the committee will unanimously consider applicants that have demonstrated extraordinary performance, sustained accomplishment and deserve recognition for their exemplary contribution to the gaming regulation industry.

Membership of NAGRA

General Membership

Joining NAGRA is a must if you intend to obtain up-to-date information on how the industry works. In a nutshell, NAGRA’s membership is fundamentally by Agency which means that any individual working for the agency is entitled to a range of member benefits such as subsidised rates for conferences.

Other than general membership, there are different levels of membership that enable organisations and individuals to participate the NAGRA activities.

Regulatory Membership

Regulatory membership is uniquely offered to bureaus or agencies operating within a predefined state, provincial, or federal government and is lawfully tasked with enforcement and regulation of any gaming activity.

Associate Membership

Based in North America, the associate membership focuses on responsible gaming, research, education and public outreach to enhance professionalism in the industry. Alternatively, this specific membership sheds adequate emphasis on any government unit regardless of its jurisdiction.

Trade Affiliates

Trade Affiliate Membership dwells on distributors and manufacturers of gaming supplies and equipment as a prerequisite to joining NAGRA. Enrollment predominantly entails calling up representatives from trade affiliate enterprises to participate in NAGRA activities such as gaming technology and shared innovations.