The Gaming Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF)

What is GRAF

Developing gaming regulations in Africa is widely considered to be a hallmark associated with reliable institutions. Without them, it’s only a matter of time before mismanagement ravages through various gambling platforms. To avoid such a scenario, Gaming Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF) was meticulously developed to protect citizens and the general public through the enforcement of regulatory statutes applicable to each member state. It predominantly focuses on ensuring that Africa and the sub-Saharan continent at large aren’t remodeled into a dumping ground for disintegrating gaming technologies. At its core, the gaming platform has inherently implemented initiatives aimed at restricting gambling addiction as well as offering sound education and counselling to affected parties.

As a prerequisite to tackling the numerous challenges facing African gaming regulators, GRAF deemed it imperative to develop a sub-committee to handle emerging issues related to illegal gambling and education, training and technology. Fundamentally, This means that the Forum’s activities are steered by a strategic plan endorsed by member states through subcommittees.

Facts about the Africa Gaming Forum

GRAF’s inaugural conference held on 21st February 2003 marked a significant milestone in the company’s growth in Limpopo, South Africa and the continent at large. Countries such as Malawi, Kenya, Swaziland, and South Africa have all had the auspicious opportunity to host the GRAF conference. The gaming platform primarily consists of gaming regulators based in Africa, specifically Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, and many more.

Gambling regulators are mandated to execute their duties according to the current requirements, regulations, and laws to promote efficient service delivery and cultivate a good reputation. During voting, member states are only entitled to one vote at GRAF and Annual General Meetings. More importantly, membership is open to all interested gambling enterprises.

GRAF Membership

Chairmanship positions are democratically elected on a rotation basis as an incentive to promote consultative discussions and equitable dissemination of leadership opportunities. New nations wishing to enrol can apply through the Secretariat for review and subsequent enrollment. Fortunately, membership fees are not levied to interested states. The member states list boasts of significant nations with a commanding reputation including South Africa, Kenya, Swaziland, Ghana, Botswana, Mozambique, Seychelles and many more.

Non-member states sharing the same vision are also permitted to participate in the Gaming Regulators Africa Forum as invitees. Afterwards, they are free to make an informed decision regarding their subsequent enrollment or withdrawal from the Forum. The GRAF’s secretariat is permanently situated in South Africa based on it's favourable economic and technological standpoint in Africa. Membership in the Gaming Regulators Forum (GRAF) isn’t mandatory as previously perceived by non-members. Ultimately, this means that participants are practically free to leave by submitting a formal request.

The Forums Goals and Objectives

The Gaming Regulators Africa Forum endeavours to be an effective regulatory body that inspires a sound gaming regime in Africa and the world at large.

Their overriding mission is to achieve pre-outlined goals and to strive to harness efficiencies in the enforcement, administration consistently, and gambling regulation in various regions. The aim is to be performed through minimum standards and norms agreed upon by all member nations. Executing such a noble mission entails broadening our scope to protect clients from unfair gaming and gambling practices.

Every goal worth achieving starts with implementing attainable objectives. GRAF have become adept at harnessing our skills at gambling regulations and enforcement of gambling laws to protect citizens and live up to their highly vulnerable reputation. Essentially, this means that a zero-tolerance to corruption and mismanagement of funds is tolerated on premises.

How the Forum Protects Gambles in Africa

GRAF’s research committee highly sensitises on the terms of reference, research maps, education & training which fundamentally encompass all gaming and gambling activities. GRAF firmly believe that conducting intensive research is a critical step in identifying the best gaming enterprises while also focusing on state-of-the-art security features vital to earning significant profits and maintaining order in this highly evolving gambling industry. These steps protect gamblers in the African continent since owners of gambling platforms must ensure that the standards outlined above are met.