We can almost feel the vibe as we draw nearer to the official opening of this year’s FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Russia. Whenever the Coca-Cola World Cup anthem ‘Colour’ by Jason Derulo plays in mainstream media, it just brings us closer and closer to all the football action.

The World Cup is a global attraction for almost everyone as it presents us with different opportunities. Some get to learn and experience new languages and cultures, while others see it as a shot for social and business networking. For those looking to capitalise on the outcomes of each individual match, there's the option to make some extra cash by engaging in football betting.

With this in mind, many industry professionals anticipate a vast increase in the amount of new sports bettors jumping onto the bandwagon, both before and during the World Cup. A number of factors support this claim based on the following.

Impact of mobile technology

As always since its inception, mobile technology is likely to leave its mark during the upcoming footballing extravaganza. This is so because an increased number of people, especially those in remote areas, are now very much part and parcel of the mobile tech revolution. Many people from third world countries including most in Africa can now afford smartphones and tablets. Therefore, they will be looking to join the worldwide sports betting family and what better way to participate than by wagering on World Cup matches.

World Cup attracts neutral fans

While football in general commands a huge following, there is a percentage of those who are not football lovers. However, even to the anti-football fans, the World Cup is an appealing competition because it possesses the power to bring people together and presents unique opportunities as mentioned above. As such, both neutral and non-football lovers may establish an interest in football at the upcoming World Cup, and probability suggests that a small portion of them will look to try out sports betting whether online, offline or in an informal setting.

Country supporters

As alluded before, there are some who are not into football; however, during this time they may in one way or another, support their national teams as they participate in the world’s biggest footballing tournament. By supporting their country, these folk may not just end up by increasing World Cup TV viewership, waving flags or chanting in stadiums, they may also look to place some bets on their home countries to win their matches or tip their favourite players to score many goals or be crowned the tournament’s best players.

TV and Media Ads

Online sportsbooks will no doubt increase their sports betting ads in a bid to attract more customers during the World Cup. Whether the marketing strategies employed are aggressive or not, one thing that is certain is that these sports betting ads will lure many new faces to try out sports betting.

Date Publication: Jun 12, 2018 Last Updated: May 02, 2021 Author: Shihaam Isaacs

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