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Cheating the Casino: Is it possible and how can it be done?

Is it Possible to Cheat the Casino?

We have all watched casino movies where a person, or group, devise a cunning plan somehow to cheat the system to get away with millions. These scenarios typically end with the perpetrators retiring to some tropical paradise and living in luxury forever more. Be honest, who amongst us has not imagined coming up with a full proof plan to cheat the casino and head off into the sunset with a big bag of swag?

This article attempts to explore the ways it could be is possible to cheat the casino. Before we go any further though, we ought to make one thing clear. Most methods people use to cheat the casino are illegal. Illegally attempting to defraud the casino could end up in a criminal conviction and prison sentence (at least, if you get caught doing so). That said, we are not advocating that you should try, we are merely discussing how this could be possible. Since you already know this, let’s continue.

Is it possible to cheat the casino, or is this idea just Hollywood fiction? Well, for sure it is not easy. The casinos are pretty good at plugging the gaps in their security. That is the bad news. The good news is the answer to the question is YES. It is indeed possible to cheat the casino. We know this because it has been done before successfully and it will undoubtedly happen again.

Now we know it is possible, you would be forgiven for wondering how one might go about doing such a thing. Let’s explore the possibilities. In every endeavour in life, there is always a hard way, a natural way, and a smart way; It is no different when it comes to cheating the casino.

Cheating the Hard Way

This heading may be a bit misleading. If you happen to be a talented computer hacker, then actually this may be the best and easiest way to cheat the casino. Hacking involves a lot of technical skill and experience and to use a hack as a means of tricking the casino is not for everyone. First of all, learning to hack a casinos server successfully would take most of us mere mortals years of study. For starters, the inexperienced programmer would have to learn numerous programming languages. They would also need to discover the various protocols required to overcome the system's hacking defences. The movies make it look incredibly easy, just tap in a few lines of code, shed a few beads of sweat, and bingo! We just made a cool million. In reality, it is not as easy as the movies would have you believe.

For those who are prepared to put in the effort to learn, hacking a casino involves the following steps. Learn PHP programming language as this is the most common language used. This language not only confers flexibility but also has a groundbreaking capacity to enable the hacker to infiltrate the casino accounts and alter records. This way, the hacker can gain access, modify the account figures, and create a fake money trail to account for the lost amount.

Amateur attempts will leave a footprint and could end up in a lengthy prison sentence for the perpetrator of such an audacious effort. Anyone who does not possess the skills to attempt a hack themselves can always consider hiring a professional. Good luck with that idea, the problem here is obvious. If you could find a partner in crime who is willing to take that kind of risk, they most likely wouldn’t need a partner.

The Easy Cheat

Imagine for a moment you are a professional casino dealer. How often do you think you would be approached with the proposition of turning a blind eye, giving the heads up, or perhaps to provide some valuable information. One thing is for sure; casinos keep a close eye on their dealers every bit as much they do on the players. There is one excellent reason for this. One of the best ways to cheat the casino is to have a private arrangement with a casino dealer.

The number of scenarios of how a casino could be cheated by having inside assistance is unlimited. Even if a dealer were in on the cheat, they would still be under the watchful eye of casino security. For these reasons, a lot of thought and planning would have to go into any such cheat. For players who just so happen to know a casino dealer or could temp a dealer to work alongside them, this method could potentially turn into a money maker. A very solid plan is needed to pull off this kind of swindle successfully. It would involve a table casino game such as baccarat or blackjack, which a dealer could influence in some way.

The hardest part of this method is undoubtedly convincing a dealer to participate. They too would face long-lasting repercussions if caught, so to make this work you would have to have a cast-iron plan and deep pockets.

If this way of cheating the casino does not sound like a realistic option, there is always the smart way.

Get Ahead Cheating the Smart Way

The smart way to cheat the casino is to get hold of some commonly available software that will give you an advantage at the game tables. This method has the benefit of being discreet and is only really Illegal if you get caught using it. Even if found, the punishment might just be that the casino refuses to pay the winnings.

There are lots of different types of software available that can help a player calculate the best option given a particular situation. For example, an online blackjack card counting calculator would provide an edge over the house and could potentially be a great money maker. We emphasise ‘potentially’ because there is still a risk of losing. The benefits come when using these types of systems over the long term.

The main benefit of using this type of software is that when used online it is somewhat discrete, and therefore low risk. When used with patience, various systems can pay dividends over time. No software (that we know of)  has yet can make you wealthy overnight. Also, there are other downsides. Firstly, the software can only be used when in front of a computer,  meaning any attempt to use this type of software in bricks and mortar casinos would be impractical. Winning would most likely accumulate slowly, and of course, there are no guarantees of success. This option merely offers better odds than if you rely on luck alone.

The Best Way to Cheat the Casino

For a player determined enough to get one over the casino, anything is possible. The only real question is how much risk are you prepared to take. For this reason, the best option to cheat the casino is by far the safest one and the one most likely to succeed. In this respect, using software to cheat the casino is undoubtedly the best option. Not only is using specialised software discreet, but it also has other clear advantages. For one, it is cheaper than paying a third party (such as a hacker or dealer) to help out. No specialist skills are required to learn to use software, and it is often relatively easy to obtain.

For anyone who wants to cheat the casino, there is plenty of software available for download online for all different types of casino game. However, if you want out advice, try learning as may tips and strategies as you can in the casino games you like to play. It is entirely legal to employ a strategy (although casinos do not like it) and when executed successfully they have the added benefit of allowing you to run off into the sunset, swag in hand, with a clear conscience.