Millennials and the Rise in Mobile Casino Gambling

With the advent of the internet and the subsequent launch of the web’s first ever casino, an entirely new era in casino gambling was realised. While the online casino industry had its fair share of early sceptics and naysayers, it rapidly grew into one of the most significant web-based sectors in the world, with hundreds of online casinos operating in 2018.

Today, more gamblers choose to gamble online than in the real world. While brick and mortar casinos are a long way from being out of business, by and large, the most significant portion of gambling is done online.

The online gambling industry is also credited with being one of the most dynamic industries, with more innovations, trends, and breakthroughs than virtually any other industry in existence. Online gambling manages to attract a multitude of generations without any issues, appealing to older players as well as the so-called millennial generation, the 18 –30 age demographic. Millennials generally prefer to do everything online, including socialising and finding ways to entertain or enlighten themselves. Online activities are made even more accessible with smartphone technology, which is also the primary access point for millennials to explore online gambling options.

Mobile Gambling in the Millennial Culture

Mobile gambling platforms once again revolutionised the online gambling industry, injecting new blood through the application of exciting new technologies. Mobile gambling incorporates platforms that can be accessed on a range of mobile devices with internet access, including smartphones, tablets, and other devices. With the launch of HTML5, access to mobile casino games reached an all-time high. Adding more fuel to the mobile casino gaming fire is the fact that mobile casino gaming happens to be tailor-made for millennials, ticking virtually every box needed to draw their interest. Mobile casino gaming allows users to access their favourite online casino game from just about anywhere on the planet. If you include the Gamification phenomenon that many online casinos are now adopting, millennials are even more enticed to start gambling online. Gamification incorporates various elements found in online platform video games into online casino games, adding a new element of excitement and user-enhanced features. This includes the ability to save progress in an online casino game, as well as cross-platform access going from desktop to mobile without losing a single bet or progress within a casino game.

Added Incentives for Millennials

Many see the increase in Gamification at online casinos as directly aimed at drawing in millennials since this generation, more than any other before it, is the generation raised on video game platforms like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. It, therefore, makes perfect sense, from a casino game developers point of view, to incorporate many of these exciting elements into the next generation of casino game. However, online casinos are also taking note of millennials needs as far as casino gambling is concerned, which is why you are starting to see more and more online casinos integrating newer online payment platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other so-called altcoins.