Full List of the Top Sports Betting Sites in 2020

This page lets you customise your search to find the best sports betting options quickly and easily. By default, the list below is a range of betting sites that allow customers in your country of residence. To view all options, select the 'clear filters' box in red. You can add more filters from the left menu and sort by relevance to build a shortlist in order of preference. Select the listing header to read the full in-depth expert review, or go directly to the platform.

How we select recommended online bookmakers

You could be forgiven for thinking that the process of providing online bookmaker reviews is straightforward. We simply find and partner with bookmakers on the web then do a review - right? This is, after all, how most gambling review websites operate. The process is a bit more rigorous at GambleScope. We do the deep research to recommend only the most trusted places to wager a sports bet and present to you filtered results eliminating any that do not provide services to your country.

Safe and Legal Bookmakers

The first question new and experienced gamblers ask before depositing cash with an online bookmaker they have never used before is along the lines of – Is it safe to deposit money here and Is this online sportsbook legal in my country? These are generally not easy questions to answer and require much time-consuming research. Before we recommend any sportsbook on this platform, our researchers scrutinise every online operation to ensure it is safe, secure and legitimate.

Filtered Search

Only when we are completely satisfied that an online bookmaker is trustworthy will we consider adding them to our list of recommended places to gamble. This stage requires a considerable amount of fact-checking and data collection. We conduct online and offline investigations to gather insightful information that will help sports bettors narrow their search and eliminate options that are not practical. We collect details on things like banking methods used, languages supported, and currencies accepted. One other essential piece of information that gets entered on to our database is a list of "allowed countries".

Automatic Geo-location Filtering

Much of the information we provide at GambleScope will help gamblers make smart choices by guiding users to the places that meet their personal preferences. Some criteria, however, is non-negotiable. Like for instance, whether a bookmaker actually offers services to sports bettors in your country of residence. Some big brand platforms allow new customers from over two hundred plus countries worldwide, but none that we know of will accept everyone from anywhere across the globe.

To make your search faster and easier, GambleScope collects country-specific information from every bookmaker we recommend and auto-filters the results based on your IP address location. This means that all the bookmakers you see provide services to users where you live.

Platform Reviews

Only when all the essential information on an online bookmaker has been gathered will we conduct a thorough review. Our primary aim is to explore how each one rates in areas of operation such as sports betting options, customer service and bonuses offered etc. Our knowledgable research team focuses on the most useful information available to help you decide the best options according to your personal preferences.


GambleScope makes every effort to keep the information found on this website accurate and up to date, but we are not perfect. Even we can make mistakes sometimes and overlook recent changes to information. For this reason, we advise users to supplement the information to be found here with independent research before depositing money with an online bookmaker, casino or any other gambling platform.