Casino Review Scams in 2024

Why You Should NEVER Blindly Follow a Casino Review

Reading reviews about online casinos is something that many people will do before deciding which casinos they will sign up with.

Which sign up bonuses they offer as well as a host of other information is usually covered in a review and more often than not, a positive review can be the deciding factor as to whether someone joins a particular online casino or not.

The problem is that many casino reviews are biased and not all they should be!

There can be underlying motives as to why a good or bad review is given but thankfully, it is quite easy to spot a suspect casino review.

Follow the Money

Before we go any further, you should be aware that online casino review sites make money when anyone clicks on the link to a particular casino and subsequently opens an account.

These payments can come in several different forms but usually as either a set payment for every account which is opened or given as a payment over a period calculated as a percentage of the profit which a casino makes from the customers which have joined through the review site.

This kind of marketing is known as affiliate marketing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it at whatsoever. Legitimate and reputable affiliate marketers should rightly make a profit for providing a valuable service to their readership.

Think of the big players in any industry, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, they all market in this way as it is a valid method of advertising which is highly regulated and has been in existence for many years.

As you will discover though, some online casino reviews can mislead, and you should be aware of them before you decide which casinos to join.

Some Review Sites are Biased

Because a review site receives payment for every account opened, you sometimes find that they will not write anything negative about any of the casinos that they review.

If a casino has a history of having poor customer support, for example, there will be no mention of this in the review; they may even say that the customer support is first class!

If a casino has a reputation for being on the slow side when it comes processing withdrawals, again, there will be no mention of this.

A simple way to check if a review site falls into this category is to have a quick look at a selection of casino reviews, and you will soon be able to tell if each one is spoken about in glowing terms.

If they are, you can be pretty sure that it is not really a review site in the real sense of the word but instead, but just a site which is trying to persuade you to open casino accounts.

Has the Reviewer Played at the Casino?

It is advisable to read the review to see if the writer has played at the casino as opposed to just reading other reviews and basing their conclusions on that.

Some review sites only outsource the writing of these reviews, and as long as they read ok and are grammatically correct, they are deemed to be acceptable.

If you take your time and read the review, it will become apparent as to whether it is genuine or not and you will be able to base your decision as to whether to join a casino based on that review accordingly.

Common Casino Review Scams

The Old One-Two

The ‘old one-two’ is a marketing method which is becoming more and more apparent with online casino review sites and these reviews stand out from the crowd because they are the complete opposite of what we have just mentioned.

This is how they work.

Most people will see glowing review after glowing review, so when they look at a report which states that an online casino is terrible, they will sit up and take notice.

The review will say that the graphics and gameplay are like something out of the dark ages, the support staff are rude and clueless and that there are multiple instances of players being refused payouts and having their accounts suspended.

The review will go on to say that it is highly advisable that you don’t even entertain opening an account with this ‘casino from hell’ and then, at the end of the review, you will see that that the old one-two method is being used.

The telltale sign is that another online casino is being recommended.

One that ticks all of the boxes as to why you should sign up as soon as possible, deposit some money and start playing.

The reason that the one-two method is so effective is that the reader believes that the review site is doing them a favour by telling them not to join a casino and then pointing them in the right direction.

It could very well be that the casino which has been recommended is very good, but as far as the review site is concerned, that is just a coincidence.

The reason it is being recommended is that the affiliate payment is worth more to the review site.

The Loophole Lie!

The loophole lie is something that you occasionally come across on some of the worst review sites, and this is how it works.

The review site will offer instructions on how to take advantage of a loophole when playing certain casino games, usually Roulette.

The loophole will be based on entirely false information, and the chances are that the person who is trying to win money on the casino by using the loophole will usually end up losing money, and lots of it.

A typical example of this is the Martingale method of betting, and if you ever come across this foolproof way to win money by playing Roulette, run a mile because if you get involved, the next step will be the poor house!

Don’t get us wrong; this is a betting strategy that can be used to help players potentially make a profit, but a guaranteed way to make a profit IT IS NOT and you should ignore such outrageous claims, and indeed not join a casino on such claim.

We spoke earlier about the different types of affiliate commissions that can be earned from promoting online casinos, in the case of the loophole lie, the review site will be receiving a commission as a percentage of the money which has been lost by the customers who have signed up through these malicious reviews.

Quite despicable, don’t you agree?

Examples of these underhand tactics are now few and far between, but it is essential that you are aware of them if you ever come across anything like this in the future.

Things to Remember when Reading Casino Reviews

The thing to remember when looking at a casino review is to check out a selection of other reviews on the same site to check if they are biased or not.

It will soon become apparent if they are or not, if they are biased you would be safe in taking whatever they have to say with a pinch of salt because the reviewer has probably not even played at the casino.

The same applies to the old one-two method as it is just a way of trying to persuade you to join a casino because it is perceived to be the better option when compared to what they are saying is a poor casino.

As far as the loophole lie technique goes, if there were a loophole, it would not be mentioned on a website where everyone could read about it.

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