Nevada Gaming Commission Casinos

Nevada is a state in the southwestern region of the United States. It shares borders with Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and Oregano, as well as California. Back in1940, Nevada was the state with the least population in the USA, but after the legalisation of gambling as a result of the liberal laws that prevailed, Nevada changed into a hub for tourism. As gaming grew in popularity provisions for the monitoring and regulation of gambling in this area were established. The Nevada Gaming Commission came into existence as a result of these provisions. This article gives an overview of this commission and examines the protections it offers the player, and discusses whether casinos who have a license with the Nevada gaming commission can be trusted.

The History of the Nevada Gaming Commission

Gaming became a part of the culture of Nevada long before the state became fully established. Many prospectors headed to the area looking for gold in the Sierra Nevada and with them came the game of chance. In the early 1860’s, President Lincoln appointed the Territory Governor to be vigilant against gambling which this led to the banning of games of chance by the territorial legislature. These measures were ultimately unsuccessful, so in 1864 (when Nevada became a state), the first legislature made moves to regulate and legalise gambling instead. The early move to legalise gambling failed, but as a form of compromise, penalties were reduced to a minimum with the players not being punished and the operators receiving only mild punishments.

Casino gambling was legalised in Nevada in 1931 when the Assembly Bill 98 was signed into law by Governor Fred Balzar. The Nevada Legislature carried out a vote to make gambling legal in an attempt to reverse the effects of the great depression which was successful. Gambling in Nevada has since been legal for the last 85 years. The Nevada Gaming Commission was founded in 1959 when the Gaming Control Act was Passed. The Act set down the foundation for what would later be the modern gaming regulation. The commission is made up of five members who were appointed by the Governor for terms of four years with one member playing the role of the Chairman. The commission members carry out their functions on a part-time basis.

What does the Nevada Gaming Commission Do?

The central role of the commission is to act on the Board’s recommendations for all matters related to licensing. It holds the power to limit, restrict, deny, commission, suspend, approve or revoke any gambling license.

The commission also has the responsibility of amending, adopting, and repealing the gaming regulations which are consistent with the State's statutory purposes, objectives, and policies. When the board needs to discipline a licensee for violating the rules of the Commission or Act, the board plays a prosecutorial role to determine if a sanction will be imposed on the operator.

What protection do they offer for players?

Players can rest assured that any casino using the Nevada license has gone through rigorous tests to ensure their games are fair. A third party company is commissioned to conduct inspections and certifications on all games. The Nevada Gaming Commission ensures games are fair and transparent to players and as a result prevents crime, cash laundering, and corruption. The commission offers protection for players through the following methods. They include:

  • Safeguarding of player rights

  • Protecting vulnerable minors and individuals

  • Ensuring integrity of gaming devices as well as games

  • Ensuring payers get transparent and fair treatment

  • Ensuring games are absent of criminal activities

How Does the Nevada Gaming Commission Rate

In comparison to other authorities, regarding protection of player’s right, Nevada commission rates a 7/10

Player welfare is a priority with this commission, and casinos need to go through stringent testing processes regularly to be awarded and keep a casino license, which only serious operators can achieve.

Conclusion - Can a casino with this license be trusted?

The Nevada Gaming Commission alongside the Nevada Gaming Board both govern the gaming industry in the state of Nevada using harsh to enforce regulations. The board also has the role of protecting the stability and integrity of the industry using investigative procedures and are held to very high standards in the licensing process. Players can play safely on any casino licensed by this authority knowing that their safety is a priority