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With so many different online casinos that currently exist, why do most players still seem to choose the bigger name brands?

There are a lot of reasons on why this might be the case and there are indeed some benefits to playing on an established online casino. In this article we are going to go over some common questions people might think about when deciding if they want to play on an established online casino or a brand new one. 

Is it Safer to Play on Big Brand Online Casino Sites Than New Online Casinos?

In short, yes, it is certainly safer to play on the bigger sites. Generally speaking, the bigger an online casino becomes, the more heavily scrutinized and legislated it will also have to become too.

Established online casinos have been around for many years. During these years they have had to navigate their way through constant regulatory hoops and red tape. Having an online casino have a record of both complying with the laws and successfully paying out all winning customers makes new customers feel very comfortable in depositing money to this online casino.

Now it should be pointed out that the vast majority of new online casinos are usually safe and not trying to scam or cheat their customers. However, the newer sites simply cannot provide or prove the same level of security that the bigger brands have, as there is little-to-no track record or feedback from customers of said site.

Do Big Brand Online Casinos Have Good Customer Support?

Although bigger brands have more customers overall, this in no way guarantees the quality of their customer support.

Any intelligent online casino operator understands that good customer relations are such a huge deal in maintaining a positive image, which is a key factor to become and remain successful.

If the customer service is slow or of poor quality, players will complain and the casino’s image will suffer both for their current customers and new potential customers.

Established online casinos generally have higher spending budgets available to them. Having a large, very competent and highly responsive customer service team should be a top priority and is easily affordable to them.

In short, it depends on the casino. But if you think about it logically, if an established online casino continues to retain their current customers and obtain new customers year after year, there is a very big chance of them having high-quality customer support.

Are Big Brand Casinos Outdated?

While it may be true that bigger brand casinos don’t have ALL the new games available, they have more total games per site than the newer ones. The established casinos are still adding new games every so often, they’re just a bit more selective about it.

The main selling point new online casinos have is that they have newer games, and trendy layouts and designs. However, a new game doesn’t make it a good game. Trendy designs, like most things that are trendy, may eventually become obsolete.

Do Big Casino Brands Give More bonuses?

Pretty much all online casinos have enticing welcome bonuses, but what about customer loyalty bonuses?

Most established online casinos will almost always have a very lucrative VIP system that rewards their most loyal customers. A casino can identify a loyal customer by how frequent they play the games, how much money they deposit or how much money they are gambling within a one-month period.

Every casino will have a unique VIP system to separate them from their competitors and will have a different pay out structure with their own terms and conditions. Basically, the more you play the more they will reward you with increasingly large bonuses.

This is one of the main reasons why the big online casinos have continued to remain successful. Rewarding customers loyal to you will make the customer feel good about receiving bonuses and they will continue playing on this site. Making a customer happy is probably the most important thing an online casino can do in regards to longevity.

Big Casino Brand

Conclusion Big brand casinos are safer to play on than new online casinos. They have a record of complying with laws that protect customers and a record of paying out all winning customers. Players feel comfortable that they will receive their winning even if they win a large sum of money.

There is a higher chance of good customer support as they have managed to keep current players and obtain new ones.

You will have access to all classic games on a stable interface that won’t be as subjected to bugs or crashes than compared to a freshly made interface on a new online casino.

You will be rewarded for your loyalty with a VIP system that has been proven to work well and keep loyal customers feeling appreciated.

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