American Football Betting Guide 2022
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American Football is the most keenly followed sport in the US and many parts of the world. The professional league (NFL) and the college football league are as popular among spectators and sports bettors. Sports betting on American Football is legal. Once you learn how to formulate strategies and place successful bets during league matches, you can make a small fortune. The pace of the game makes it an exciting sport to bet on. The league match season unlike other sports is short and this poses a challenge to betters.


The professional American Football League is the NFL (National Football League). The regular season of the NFL starts in early September and ends in late December. The league has 32 teams. Each team plays 16 games during the season. After one bye week, the playoffs, a single-elimination tournament is held. At the end of the playoffs, the Super Bowl is played between the finalists on the first Sunday of February. There is no minor league in American Football and the next tier is College Football played by American colleges, military academies and, American universities.


American football is a fast-paced entertaining and strategic game. Betting on American football adds to the entertainment of merely watching the game. Seeing your favorite team win and earning money from the win adds to the joy of watching a game. Another reason to bet on American football is the challenge it poses. There are many gambling methods one can use and strategies one can formulate to win a significant sum. After the advent of the internet, online sports gambling has allowed viewers to enjoy watching the game at home and place their bets at the comfort and convenience of their PCs or mobile devices.


The popular formats for betting odds in American Football are Decimal odds, Moneyline odds and, Fractional odds. Decimal odds help to calculate the total returns from the stake easily. It shows you the total return from the bet and not merely the profit. Moneyline odds are simple. You place a wager on a player or a team and win. The Moneyline wager will pay less when a favorite team or player wins and more when the underdog team or player wins. Fractional odds follow the British system of odds. If the fractional listing is five to one, you will win $5 for every $1 wagered by you after you get your $1 back.


The common type of American Football betting is the point spread bet. This type of betting is also called betting line wagering or handicap betting. It is based on an estimated margin by bookmakers for each football game. The other popular type of betting is betting on Over Unders. Bookmakers set the possible total number of points that may be scored in a game and you can wager over or under the anticipated points. The Moneyline type of wager is placing a bet on the possible winner or loser of a game. Other types are betting on Futures and Outrights in both NFL and college leagues.


You need accounts with bookmakers to bet on sports like American Football. Experts advise that one should have at least three accounts with different bookmakers to make a profit while betting on American Football. Each bookmaker will give different odds and this will allow you to choose and place your wager with greater flexibility. You can place the wager on the account which gives you the best odds for the team on which you plan to place your bet.


Sports wagering is speculative and the outcome is based on many factors. When you place a bet on a team, you should carefully examine the quality of the team and its players. Some important factors you should consider are the quarterback, the coach of the team, their consistency, performance under pressure, the team balance, the offensive talent of the team and, the defense strength of the opponent. Teams usually perform better in their home field and this always gives the team an advantage. If the team has won a series of games, they are likely to continue winning because they approach games with greater confidence. A team may not reach its usual performance because of injuries to a key performer. The team’s play schedule could be a factor in their performance. If they have played too many games in a short time, it is likely to affect their performance. Sports betting in most sports is affected by an important and unpredictable factor-the weather. Some teams play better in some weather conditions but struggle in other types of weather.

Betting on American Football is a challenge. This is because the outcome of each game is unpredictable. American football requires skill and careful strategy and is both an exciting and challenging game. Betting on American football requires the same skill as the game itself. Knowing the odds, the best type of wager and, formulating a good wagering strategy is a challenge, and using these skills while enjoying your favorite game makes it exciting.

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team