Horse Race Betting Strategy Guide

There are many ways to wager on Horse Racing. This page provides betting tips and best practices and explores the best online sportsbooks available to take a punt on horse racing for players in your country.

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Horse racing, being one of the oldest sports, has people of all races taking part. Betting on horse races has also been in existence ever since they started running. If you understand how the game is played, betting is quite easy and profitable. You can beat the odds if you calculate your steps carefully since any slight mistake changes everything. Conduct extensive research on the types of races by paying keen attention to mechanisms of placing a bet, types of bet to be placed, and the chances of winning will work for your benefit. This academic report will highlight details on how to bet online on horse racing.

Just like any other sport, placing a bet on horse racing is quite easy. Gone are the days when you had to purchase a newspaper to follow the current racing matches, and their odds then head out to attend the race in the scorching heat. Horse betting online gives you an opportunity to learn and understand everything from the form, news, video, report and track information. You are required to place your bet to obtain a ticket and only rip it when you lose. In case of a win, you can take your ticket to the window to collect your reward. You will bet on a specific horse depending on two categories; straight or exotic wagers.

  1. Since you are betting on a single horse,

    • A win: you are betting on that single horse to come in the first place. You will only collect your winnings if it makes it to the finishing line as number one.

    • Place: here, you are betting that he will come first or second places. You will only collect your win if your horse finishes in the first or second places. The payout for place is less than the win wager.

    • Show: you are hoping your horse will make it to the first, second or third places. The payout for show bet is lower than win or place combined. Interestingly, you have more chances of collecting your win since you are given three positions to gamble on.

    • Across the board: when you bet across the board, you are hoping your horse will win, place and show at the same time. Since it presents rare opportunities, the wager is quite expensive. For instance, an ordinary a $2 across-the-board wager will cost you $6 simply because you are hoping your three bets will win.

    • Win/place, place/show: like across-the-board wager you are required to make multiple straight wagers in a single bet. In a win/place, you are betting your horse will win and place at the same time. If it comes in second, you will collect money for the place and show.

  2. They will give you an opportunity to place your stake on multiple bets on multiple horses in a single wager as opposed to straight wagers where you are only allowed to place your bet on one horse at a time. For you to purchase an exotic wager, you will need more money and extra skills to predict the outcome.

    • Exacta:  Here,you are betting on two horses to come in first or second in a certain order. For instance, if you placed an exacta bet on horses 2 and 4, you can only collect your winnings if 2 comes in first and 4 comes in second.

    • Quinella: unlike exacta, quinella bet allows you to bet on two horses in any order. For instance, if you bet on horse number 3 and 5, either one of them can come in first or second. This wager is lower in cost than exacta since it is not specific and your chances of winning are higher.

    • Trifecta:  here, you bet that three horses will come in first, second and third places. If you place your bet on horses’ number 2, 3 and 5, they will need to come in 1, 2, and 3 places respectively.

  • Always go for win-place-show bets since they are easier to predict. You have higher chances of winning if your horse runs first, second or third.

  • Go with box exotic wagers to increase your chances of winning. Now that your wager indicates the specific number of horses you are supposed to bet on take advantage and bet on many horses as possible.

  • Remember to save your money putting a ticket tighter and key a horse in a particular position.

By fully understanding the rules for betting on horse racing, you are ready to start. In addition to traditional horse bets, you are allowed to bet on single horse matchups, sport and magnificent casino games from the comfort of your home. Here are few steps you can follow:

First, you need to register your details on a betting account. Get a betting guide to illustrate the examples and numerous tables for you to use in case you require it. It will illustrate the types of bets you can place. You have numerous options to choose from, but you can settle on one or more depending on your staking appetite. Sign up and complete your easy registration easy. You will also be informed on what to do if your horse pulls out of the race or gets an injury.

Then, you will select the price that you would like to and place your bet. Deposit any amount using any methods of payment as indicated on the websites. Place your bet and watch all the live races from over 300 tracks from your mobile phone. You are ready and now is the chance for your selection to salute.

One of the best things about online betting is the ease of navigation around the site. All the horse racing betting options are on the front page of the site. With few easy clicks, you can comfortably find your race and pick your selection and choose your specific betting amount.

Depending on which state you come from, the issue of horse racing betting online is regulated by legal pari-mutuel gambling authorities. Betting on horse racing has been considered legal until 2013 when poker and casino games were launched in various states. It is the only form of sport which has been accepted in the US simply because bets are made through wagering systems authorized by horseracing for many years now.

According to state Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, horse racing has been given an exception simply because it is a sport hence it is different from others. He says, “Horse racing is actually a publicly attended event that no one is really controlling. Whereas in online gaming, there are too many opportunities to cheat”.

Now that it is legal, why are games such as baseball or football not on betting sites? He goes on to say that horse racing has a lot to do with the specific jockey who is in control of the horse. Consequently, wagering on athletes has not been part of their priority for New York. Horse racing completely differentiates itself from table games since both humans and animals are in control of their own destiny.

What’s in it for them?

When it comes to horseracing, money is the primary motivator. According to New York Racing Association, such an event attracts nearly $2 billion for the state. Since more people are opting for online betting rather than attend the lives races, the industry is making a big chunk of that.

Horse racing is slowly becoming popular. Thus, various online websites have been created. Now people have the ability to wager on horses.  Why prefer one website over the other? To answer this question; here are the top 4 websites for horse racing:

  • Betway sports

  • bet365

  • 888sport

  • WilliamHill

  • Horse racing betting online has many advantages including the fact that it is fun and secure. Not even your booker will gain access to your private accounts.

  • With more than 200 racetracks, you have the ability to place the best bet and get your winnings in the shortest time possible; nowadays, they allow crypto-enthusiasts to make use on virtual banking to conduct fast and effective transactions. Moreover, it is easy to play since most gaming sites and mobile friendly. Therefore, you don’t have to leave your home to spectate in a horse race competition.

  • They also have the best customer support platforms to sustain all their needs. Judging from the rise in horse racing gamblers, the sites have provided a real insight into how well a site treats its customers.

  • Bonuses and rewards- this is a great motivator for most gamblers. Maintaining your win on a daily basis is not an easy thing. They will help you make more money through bonuses and handsome rewards.

  • Easy to use- one good thing about betting online is the easy way of doing it. Most sites have simplified their procedures so that everyone can understand the terms and conditions of the game. You are simply required to enter the amount you want to stake and select the most preferred category.

  • Competitive odds- odds designed for our wager can make a big difference in the amount to win or lose. This is technically true if you are a serial better. Look for the best sites with the most attractive payouts.

  • Live horse racing- no matter where you are, you will be treated to live races to help in monitoring your progress. Various sites offer coverage on a wide variety of races from popular to less popular ones.

By now, you must have gotten accustomed to cryptocoins as virtual legal tender for online betting. Not only are they known for privacy but they also charge low or zero fees per transaction. In fact, your account details remain private; not even your bookie can know anything about it. If you take a  look at the corporate setting today, you will note that cryptocurrencies are high on demand; betting sites have not been left behind.

Transactions conducted through cryptocurrencies take relatively a shorter time in comparison to other e-wallets. It only takes place between your bookie and the bitcoin database. Moreover, its rates are relatively the same when exchanging euros to dollars. To trade with bitcoin or any other crypto coin, you will need a hardware wallet. Then, find a reputable site to trade physical money with cryptocurrencies. In so doing, you shall have created an online account. Thereafter, deposit a specific amount of money and wait for the next transaction by providing all the wallet’s details.

You will need to use an E-wallet such as Skrill or PayPal to transfer your money between betting accounts in the shortest time possible. They are the most preferred means of payment, unlike debit/credit cards which can take up to five days to be reflected in your bank account. Log into the payment section, select any valid crypto coin and confirm the transaction by filling your e-wallet address and password. You will be notified that your request has been successful. Unlike other payment platforms, cryptocurrencies do not attract any hidden charges.

Withdrawing money from your bookmarker is also quite easy. Once again, you will be required to go to payment section, select cryptocurrency, state the total amount you plan to withdraw and enter your password. Just like deposits, withdrawals are also free and takes less than a day to be completed. In addition, it protects your privacy; no financial institution will open your case file to find out how you make money from betting.

In as much as the use of crypto is becoming popular, most betting sites have not accepted its terms and conditions. They have remained skeptical about the future of bitcoins and how legitimate they are. Moreover, it is difficult to trace a fraudster if he/she has traded using bitcoin. Some online betters may also find it difficult maintaining use of an e-wallet and using exchange website. If you are not sure, look for a person that understands it to brief you on how to go about it. Better still, use an alternative payment method.

It is a daunting task finding the best exchange rate now that you are dealing with a decentralized currency. To find the best, take two wallets and compare the payouts. The process of funding your account is pretty much the same as whatever digital coin you have chosen to gamble with. Simply send some money to your account to the wallet address as provided or scan the QR code shown to you. Once you have received a notification, you will be in a position to tell the value of each coin.

Once again the Guinness book of records has compiled a list of the fastest horse racers of all times. The most recent update outlines one person known as Winning Brew who recorded the highest for race speed as 43.97mph or 70.76 km/h. he made this new track record at the Penn National Race Course, Grantville, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Trained by Francis Vitale, he scaled his dreams to newer heights on 14th, May 2008. Winning managed to steer a two-year-old thorough bred horse beating the former world record holder who got his title back in 1989 with a time record of 2mons 22.8 sec.

This question has raised numerous debates considering very little human activity is incorporated. Take, for instance, a horse without a rider. Chances are, it will never win. In fact, it will lose direction. Therefore, horses rely on riders to motivate them into running faster to complete and win their races. The sport comes in the form of jockeys who use their physical strength to control the horse.

It is also notable that horses can only handle one race per week or so; some may even handle one race after a few months. Jockeys are always on top of a horse during all racing events. They are interested in race strategy and the performance of the horse just like polo players. An incompetent jockey will obviously prevent a good horse from winning. Similarly, a competent jockey can bring a bad to the horse to speed. Both the horse and jockey need to have some sort of chemistry to beat the odds.

In normal circumstances, the jockey should weigh ten-fifteen times less than the animal yet have enough strength to control it. Despite weighing between 112 and 126 pounds, jockeys can control the activities of an animal ten times their weight. It takes extraordinary strength to steer horses on a racing field to attain a win.

Most critics argue that horse racing is more focused on betting rather than sporting. What they fail to recognize is the harmonizing effect it has on jockeys who race together to achieve their heard-earned win. A partnership between the jockey and the beast is termed as a “Sport of Kings.” There is nothing as interesting as being part of the race from the start to the finishing line. Not even money can buy that kind of feeling.

For you to thrive as a jockey, you must possess timely and enduring spirit whenever you are taking the animal for a race. Chances are, you may wake up feeling great about that particular competition, but your horse will determine whether your day will end well. This career is extremely high-risk with most jockeys sustaining fatal injuries.

Being a spectator kind of sport, most people seem uninterested in going to the race field to bet. They rely on online betting to continue getting their hard-earned money. You will find that most betters are older folks; younger people are being encouraged to take up the challenge to further their dreams.

Animal activists may argue that horse racing is a cruel form of sport. They  ignore  the fact that these animals were raised to race. It is quite difficult to force an animal weighing more than 1,000 pounds to do anything. They are bred to handle races, and that is why it is easy to control them. Very few cases of abuse of animals have been reported especially now that welfare for horses has been put in place.

Horse racing is just another single outdoor betting site as other argue. Fans of football and athletics can watch just for the fun of it. However, horse racing is only fun after winning your bet. Anything other than that is a hoax. Why is it the only sport with gamblers inside the venue? It is just a business attached to a racing event.

So far, Action Fraud department has received various complaints of investment fraud related to horse racing for quite some time now. As a result, most offline and online gamblers have shied away from betting for fear of losing their money. This is how it works; fraudsters pounce on victims by claiming they have a software for placing bets on the victim’s behalf. Once they have made their payments, these conmen will shut down all means of communication.

Another scenario is where a person is advised to buy a race a horse. Fraudsters will even go as far as setting up imaginary companies to prove they are legit. They will block you as soon as you make payments. You are advised to take the following precautionary measures to avoid getting scammed:

  • Customers should consult the FCA guidance prior to placing bets. No matter attractive the offer might be, always try to do your due diligence.

  • Look out for suspicious details on the website, address and contact address of the organization you are planning to bet with. If in doubt on  what to look for, consult an expert for guidance.

  • Avoid responding to suspicious phone calls especially if you are in doubt.

  • Fraudsters are masters of their own games. They will create appealing websites to lure you into working with them. The cost of creating a website is quite friendly; so do not be fooled into thinking a professional-looking website is legit.

  • Consult a legal advisor or any other independent financial advisor before making an investment.

In as much as horse racing betting online is becoming popular, people should understand that not all gambling sites are trustworthy. Exercise great caution before depositing your money. Before placing your bet, do your due diligence on the betting site no matter how appealing it may look. Chances are, the most attractive sites are filled with scammers. By all means, find a legal counsel or a certified betting agent to advise you on the legal sites. Failure to which, you may lose all your hard-earned cash simply because you ignored the red flags. All the same, most people can attest to receiving their winnings as soon as they started using the best sites.