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The Ultimate Way of Playing Online Craps

The origins of craps can be traced back centuries. Dice games have been popular for a very long time, and so it comes as no surprise to learn that an early version of craps was played as far back as the time of the Crusades. Hazard was developed in London and laid the basic rules for what would become known as craps in the United States several centuries later.

In the early 1800's, a young gambler brought Hazard to America and simplified the complicated rules to make it more welcoming for new players. While the higher class did not embrace the game, it was liked by the working people because it was easy to play and only required a pair of dice. The game was mostly played with two betting options for Pass and Don’t Pass, or Win and Don’t Win.

When World War II broke out, young American soldiers from different classes joined the military. The craps street version became very popular, and this led to a rush in traffic at the craps tables in Las Vegas after the war was over.

Online casino games experienced a surge in popularity in the early 2000's, and live dealer games were introduced to give clients a more realistic environment with the help of authentic equipment and real croupiers. Live Dealer Casino Craps can, of course, be played in this format, although it is not yet as widely accepted as live roulette or live blackjack.

A Game for True Fans of Casino Craps

It is safe to say that craps is best played in a casino environment. There is a certain thrill that can only be experienced at a busy craps table where players can bet on the shooter and not just on the roll of the dice. Online versions aim to replicate the experience but fall short.

Live Dealer Casino Craps, however, gets very close to creating that unique gaming experience that fans love. It is normally played with two dealers at the table, one to shoot the dice and the other to act as the actual casino croupier and announce the winning number. There is also a chat window available for participants to talk to each other and with the dealers for a more social experience.

Then there are the perks that come with playing online rather than in a real casino. You can enjoy the game for real money without having to dress up and go to a land-based venue. Also, you save a lot of time by playing from home, and the tables are always running so you can place a few bets whenever you feel like it. Even the betting limits are more favourable as players can bet as little as €1 in most cases.

The Best Studios for Live Craps Online

If you want to play live dealer craps online, you should know which provider has the best options. In this regard, the selection is not ideal as the most prominent developers of live casino games don’t include craps in their portfolios. Neither Playtech nor Evolution Gaming offers live craps.

With that being said, Vivo Gaming has several options for the popular dice game. It uses real casino tables and equipment along with proper dice. All of the games provided by the studio have been certified for being fair, so you can rely on the fact that every outcome is random.

The developer makes it easy to place bets by using a dedicated online interface with all the available options. Two experienced dealers act as the shooter and the host while expert camerawork makes sure that the action is visible and shown from multiple angles. It is for sure the best Live Dealer Casino Craps game available online. The bad news is that Vivo Gaming is not well recognised online and only a handful of casinos uses their gaming solutions at the time of writing this article.

How to Play: Full Guide to Live Dealer Casino Craps

Live Dealer Casino Craps follows the same rules as the ones used at the craps tables in Las Vegas casinos. Even the equipment used is the same in most cases. As a result, experienced players can quickly switch to the live versions online and enjoy the game in full.

For new players, the rules can appear to be a bit overwhelming. However, it is worth mentioning that playing online is a bit easier than playing in a local casino. You don’t have to worry about the crowded tables, and you don’t have to shoot the dice either. The betting table is clearly displayed, and this makes it easier to place wagers. You just have to click on the positions to put chips and bet.

Before we get started, we should mention that craps has quite a few options for betting, but the main ones are for Don’t Pass and Pass. To win a bet on Don’t Pass, the total value of the two dice on the first roll must be of 2 or 3. If it is a 12, Don’t Pass bets are a push. For bets on Pass, the players win if the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11.

For the other outcomes (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) on a starting roll, a point is established. The shooter then throws the dice again until the point value is obtained again or 7 is hit. If the point number comes up before 7, Pass bets win. The opposite is available for Don’t Pass.

After a point is established, players at the table can bet on Come and Don’t Come while still keeping their initial selections. These two options refer to the point coming before rolling a 7 and thus are similar to Pass and Don’t Pass. The difference is that you can know the value of the point and how likely it is to be rolled.

Other betting options in craps are for a point number, also known as Place bets. You can select any of the mentioned values for establishing a point, and you win if that number comes up before 7. The payout rate depends on the number. You can even bet on a particular combination of numbers from the dice for the chance to win up to 30 times the original stake.

The Best Tips to WIN MORE in Live Dealer Craps

If you want to play Live Dealer Casino Craps for real money, we recommend that you follow the tips provided by our experts. First of all, you should ignore the extra betting options and stick to the ones for Pass and for Don’t Pass. Ideally, it is best to bet on Don’t Pass since it has the lowest house edge of just 1.36%. This puts it ahead of European Roulette and close to Punto bets in Baccarat.

The Pass bet is not far behind with a house edge of 1.41%, but there is no reason to pay the extra points for nothing in the long run. The aim here is to play optimally and rely on luck as little as possible. Both these mentioned options will pay 1:1.

Other options in craps have higher payout rates, and so they are a lot more appealing to new players. However, the rates don’t match the true odds of getting the outcome, and so the house edge is much larger. Bets on single rolls for predicting the value are not profitable and generally have a house edge of 11.11% or higher.

The worst bet in craps is on Any seven since it pays 4:1 but has true odds of 5:1 so bettors play against a house advantage of 16.67%. It is however used by inexperienced players because seven is the most likely outcome when rolling two dice. The value can be obtained in six different combinations. However, the payout is too low in craps to make this bet worth it.

In other words, to really drive the point home, we recommend that you bet on the Don’t Pass line when playing craps. You can also try Pass bets but always stay away from the extra betting options. The high house edge means that the odds of winning, in the long run, are not in your favour.

Experience the Full Package by Playing Live Craps Today!

Now that you have a handle on the rules, you are ready to hit the tables and win real cash. Live Dealer Casino makes the game more accessible to more players and also lowers the level of difficulty a little. It is a plus to be able to practice for small bets and join a table within seconds at any point throughout the day. The luck element remains the same as it is when playing in a real casino since the table and the dice follow strict regulations to make sure that outcomes are fair.

Skilled players know which bets to avoid in craps to get the best RTP. As we mentioned before, make sure to stick to the main two betting options. On the topic of entertainment, live dealer craps is not as exciting as being at a crowded table in a casino, but it is certainly more fun than the regular online craps version. Plus, the two beautiful dealers can for sure make the experience much more enjoyable. 

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