Understanding the Free Spins Bonus

GambleScope Research Team

Some of the terms used in the online casino industry can be a little confusing, especially to the new players. If you aren’t conversant with some of these terms, you may feel confused and fail to maximise your casino experience as a result.

Lucky for you, GambleScope is here to help. We’ve compiled this player’s guide on one of the casino’s most exciting bonuses; the FREE SPINS, which occasionally pop up in casino promotions and tournaments. Thanks to this offer, playing selected casino games has become enjoyable and risk-free. 

Without further delay, let’s take a look at the Casino FREE SPINS bonus

What Exactly Are Free Spins?

There are two types of free spins. There are those spins that are offered as part of the casino’s promotion. In simple words, you don’t pay any cash to receive them. Then, there are those that you win while playing a tournament or a game. These spins are only triggered once you match the right symbol combinations during play.

We will focus on the free spins offered as part of the casino’s bonus in this guide because they are the ones most frequently provided as well as being one of the most sought-after casino bonuses.

How Will You Receive The Free Spins?

The FREE SPINS bonus as often used as part of a welcome sign-up bonus or as a promotional incentive. For example, an online casino might be running an offer for all new players who sign up at their site. The websites will award you with say 200 free spins upon successfully creating an account.

You can also win or earn free spins by participating in a competition for real cash. Winnings earnt from the free spins can be withdrawn once you’ve met the set wagering requirements.

How Many Free Spins Are Usually Awarded?

The amount of free spins awarded varies from one online casino to another. There are those that offer you a minimum of 20 free spins upon signing up and will add you an extra say 50 free spins upon making your first deposit.

Then there are those that will you offer you 200 free spins upon successfully signing up. Then there are those casinos that may give 20 free spins a day over a specified duration after signing up.

If free spins are given as part of a promotional campaign, let's say a social media offer for example; then it is usual for a low number of 10 – 20 free spins with no deposit requirements demanded.

Using The Free Spins – Which Games Can You Play?

It’s worth mentioning that free spins are game specific. Some might ask; why can’t I use the free spins on any game I want?

First, it’s important to understand that casinos offer their player's free spins as a way of thanking them for signing up at the casino. Therefore, the casinos reserve the rights to dictate how you can use the free spins offered.

Also, casinos like to promote specific slot games, so typically a free spins bonus will be advertised as 50 Free Spins on Gonzo’s Quest Slot, for example.

Finally, free spins are typically limited time offers. If they are given as part of a promotion, this may not be for a long duration If they are part of a casino bonus, then they will have to be used within a specified time after signing up to a casino.

Free Spins & Slot Multipliers Mean Bigger Wins Guaranteed!

Free spins in a video slot game is a terrific way of winning risk-free video slot jackpots, but it’s usually much better if you are playing a slot game that has plenty of in-game multipliers. These multipliers, combined with the free spins, will multiply the payout for each winning combination during the free spins game and consequently award you with boosted wins. 

Withdrawing Your Winnings – you Need To Know?

Before claiming your free spins welcome bonus, you need to confirm whether the winnings resulting from the free spins are withdrawable or not.
Withdrawable bonus winnings mean that you can cash them out in the form of real money but only after meeting the set wagering requirements.
Non-withdrawable bonus winnings can only be used to play the games offered at the site as well as trying other services as specified in the terms and conditions.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

All bonus offers and promotions have wagering requirements. The wagering requirements – also known as rollover requirements – apply to bonus money that you’ve earned during promotions, including free spins.

The bonus cash resulting from the free spins is usually considered separate to real money that bettors can withdraw at any time. Therefore, once you have your bonus winnings from the free spins, you’ll have to convert it into real money before you withdraw it.

This limitation is the number of times a bonus must be played through before it can be converted to real money and withdrawn. It is usually written as 20×, 30×, 50× the initial amount given, details of which can be found in the terms and conditions.

I’m From The USA; Am I Eligible For Free Spins?

As a starting point, it’s worth mentioning that gambling and betting in the US are legal. But the legality only applies to land-based gambling and betting activities.

When it comes to betting and gambling interstate, or online, the law takes a slightly different approach. Confusion reigns supreme at the time of writing this guide because different states have different rules that guide or regulate online casino gambling.

Therefore, if you are a player living in the US or might have found yourself within the US for a visit, you must confirm what the rules are in the state you are residing. In some States, like New Jersey and Atlanta for instance, you can play at an online casino and claim the free spins, while in other States, such as Indiana, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Washington all forms of online casino gaming are prohibited.