Best Keno Casinos 2022

Casino Keno is a gambling game that is similar to lotteries. The gameplay is straightforward as all you have to do is pick a few numbers, generally up to 10, ranging from 1 to 80. Twenty numbers will then be randomly selected, and you receive prizes based on how many numbers are matched. It really couldn’t get any easier.

Best Keno Casinos 2022
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Keno is a word with French roots where quine stands for five winning numbers. However, the game originated in China and became famous as a way to raise funds needed for building the Great Wall. Lotteries were banned in China until 1847 when certain operators were licensed in Macao to offer real money lottery games.

Chinese immigrants took the game to various corners of the world. When workers sailed to the United States to help build the railroads, they brought the gambling game with them. By the year 1866, the name Keno was already popular in Texas, and it was later introduced to casinos in Las Vegas as well. From there, many gamblers fell in love with the features and the potentially big payouts.

Today, you can find Casino Keno in many establishments. There are even sports betting shops that feature the title as an extra gambling option. Keno machines are also widely spread in licensed jurisdictions. And of course, online keno is available as well with many versions available for interested players on the internet. You can even play keno on your mobile phone and bet real cash for the chance to claim big prizes at the tap of a finger. The mobile version of Casino Keno is very user-friendly, and it fits perfectly on the screen of a smartphone.

Keno seems to appeal to a lot of bettors. There isn’t only one type of player that enjoys this casino game. In fact, if you like to place bets, you are sure to enjoy a few rounds of Casino Keno from time to time. Rounds are normally very fast, especially when playing online, and the betting range is welcoming for all. You can bet as little as a couple of cents or place stakes of up to €10 in most cases.

In addition to its simple gameplay, keno also has some of the most substantial payout rates among all casino games. For example, the standard version where players can select up to 10 numbers usually awards 10,000 times the bet if all numbers are matched from the 20 random numbers drawn.

If you want to try something different from the many card games in a casino, keno can meet your demands. It is very relaxing since you don’t have to do anything other than select the numbers. In fact, you can even have some randomly picked and play multiple rounds with a single click. This way you can sit back and see the winnings add up. Keno is not demanding at all, unlike other casino games, such as blackjack and poker.

On the other hand, the gameplay is quite repetitive, and there aren’t that many players that enjoy Casino Keno for long sessions. The graphics for most online versions are not that impressive, and the visuals are generally limited to a large grid with 80 numbered boxes and a payout table. As a result, it isn’t the most entertaining game that you can play at an online casino nowadays.

When you start a game of Casino Keno, you have to set the size of the bet and then select the numbers. In most versions, you can have up to ten chosen numbers, but there are also variants that allow clients to play up to twenty numbers. Once you settle on the options, you can begin the round. The game will randomly select twenty numbers from the available eighty possibilities. The payouts are based on the initial selections, and how many of them are matched. You can re-bet and use the same numbers after the round is over or you can clear the screen and start from scratch.

The house edge depends on what rates the operator offers but players are normally facing a disadvantage of 8-12%. Some versions have even higher rates for the house edge but these are pretty rare, and you will not likely find them at trusted online casinos. It is, however, a good idea to check the RTP in the game details. You will notice that there are different rates based on how many numbers are selected since the payout rates are rounded and they don’t reflect the odds with the same house edge.

Speaking of odds in Casino Keno, the probability of matching all ten numbers in a round where twenty are selected is of 0.394%. In this case, you will get a prize of 10,000 times the size of the bet. If you are playing a version where you can select twenty numbers from the start, the probability of getting all of them right is basically 0. This has never happened since there is a chance of 1 in 3.5 quintillions to get 20 out of 20 in keno. As a result, most variants offer the same payout rates for 20, 19, 18, and even 17 numbers matched.

Some keno games will display Hot and Cold numbers. These represent the values that have been coming up the most, and the least, in the past few rounds. Players can use this information to make their selections, although the feature doesn’t have any real impact on the results.

Before you go to your favourite online casino to try out keno for real money, our team of experts has prepared a nice list of tips to help you get the most out of each wager. You should know from the start that Casino Keno is a pure game of chance where players have little to no influence on the outcome of a round. However, you can look for the best option and avoid the terrible ones by following these tips:

Check the payout rates

The beauty of playing online casino games is that there are many different versions to choose from. You are not limited to one variant of the game, and this is great news when it comes to playing keno. You can quickly check the payout table before placing a bet. The goal here is to find the highest paying option for different levels and not just for 10/10. In fact, you should be more interested in the rates for five, six, and seven matches than for nine or ten since these are hard to come by.

The payout rates also determine the house edge for different levels. Ideally, the game lists the RTP for picking numbers, and you can easily select the amount with the best odds. In most cases, playing only one number has the worst odds, and it is best to pick 6-8 numbers.

Don’t stress about the numbers

Many players prefer using lucky numbers, and keno provides the best opportunity to put birthdays, ages, and other similar numbers as part of the bet. The truth is that your numbers are not that lucky and every outcome is determined by random number generators. This also applies to the Hot and Cold numbers we mentioned earlier. The results for one round are not influenced in any way by the results from previous rounds. Just select some of them and don’t worry too much about it.

Play at your own pace

A great thing about playing online is that you can do it as you wish. You can play in turbo mode to have the numbers displayed instantly or enjoy the thrill of seeing them being selected one by one. You can manually bet for each round, or you can choose to play multiple games in a row automatically. Whatever your decision, make sure that you are always in control of the game and the playing balance.

The game ratings show an interesting combination of features when it comes to Casino Keno. It is a game where luck is crucial, and this tends to eliminate some of the pressure off the player. You need to place your bet, and you are good to go. The minimum level of skill required is only for setting the size of the wager and selecting how many numbers you wish to play. The result will be determined shortly.

One downside that we can see here is the low score for RTP since keno games can have a high house edge that takes advantage of beginners. If you follow our tips, however, you will be able to locate a version that has more favourable payouts, and you will enjoy more winnings as a result. With that being considered, we can say for sure that Casino Keno can be entertaining to play and its many fans are proof of that. Try it out today and see if you like it as much as we did!

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team