Casino Scratch Cards
10 £ + 100 % up to 300 £
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100% up to £100 + 200 spins!
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300% Up to €/$3000+50FS
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25$ up to 295 %
20 £ up to 400 £ + 5 free lotto bets
200€ or other currency equivalent + 100 free spins
10 £ + 30 free spins
Exclusive 150% Bonus up to €400 & 20 spins on Doom of Dead
100 No Deposit Spins & 250% Match Bonus
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Scratch Cards were first introduced as a gambling game in 1974 by Scientific Games Corporations. The basic concept has remained the same over the decades while the style and theme have gone through countless changes.

A classic scratch card is a paper card where some of the information is hidden. The opaque substance on top can be scratched away, usually with a coin, to reveal the information available underneath. The gambling element introduced hides different images and numbers. If these symbols match, the player is awarded a prize based on set payouts. This simple system has helped make scratch cards one of the most popular betting options in the world. Tickets are available for sale in various shops in licensed markets and usually go hand-in-hand with lottery tickets.

Most scratch cards are cheap, costing around €1, but there are also more expensive versions that can set you back anything up to €30. The potential prizes match the card prices, and some even have progressive jackpots worth millions of euros.

The online gambling trend did not leave scratch cards behind. You can find many different versions of this game at the online casino, usually located under Specialty Games. By the year 2010, online scratch cards were already pretty popular. Nowadays, they don’t get as much action as most of the other casino games, but they are still appreciated by many players.

Scratch Cards are probably the easiest betting games that you can play. This makes them appealing to many players as alternatives to other casino gaming options. If you want to try something different than slots and table games, scratch cards represent the ideal choice without any hassle. The straightforward gameplay is an essential factor to consider when you just want to relax and place a few bets.

The prizes advertised can also influence players to try their luck at scratching a few cards. Pretty much every version of the game has one or several rare awards that are impressive. Even if you opt for the cheaper ones, the top payout will still be of around 1,000 times the price of the card, if not even more.

Some modern online scratch cards are based on popular slots titles. They are developed by the same studios and include themed elements from the spinning reels. The familiarity can convince fans to try their luck with these instant play options as well. Not to mention that the visuals are pretty good on the newer games. Short animations for revealing the symbols make everything look better.

Overall, most players buy a few scratch cards from time to time while enjoying other gambling options. The games are mostly seen as additional bets rather than the main betting solutions. Due to their fast rounds, they are perfect for a few quick wagers. Who knows? You might even hit the rare combos for prizes that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with scratch cards.

There isn’t much to it. You simply buy a ticket and scratch the designated area. The classic versions have the payout rates on the back. You can take a coin to scratch the surface to see what symbols are under it. Usually, you need to match two or three symbols to get the corresponding prize.

For online scratch cards, things are just as easy. You can find the games at many online casinos, and the concept is generally the same. You start by setting the size of the bet. The range is very good, and a ticket can cost as little as €0.01 in some cases. For high rollers, the maximum bet is of €100. Once you set the price, you can begin with a fresh new card. Now, you can use the mouse to scratch each area individually or have all of them revealed at the same time.

Most online versions have nine positions and players need to get at least three matching symbols for a payout. Having multiple combinations on the same card is possible. The paytable is shown next to the cards and rates can range from 1:1 to 5,000:1. Of course, the high paying symbols are rare, and it is difficult to get three of them on the same card for a large payout. Some variants can require the matching symbols to be aligned in a row or a column. It is recommended to read the rules before betting real money.

The straightforward gameplay means that rounds are done in a couple of seconds. When playing on the internet, it only takes two clicks: one for starting the round and another for scratching the card.

An advantage of playing online is that you can check the theoretical return to player rates. This detail is not made available when buying scratch cards in your local betting store. However, when you play on the internet, you can check the game details for more information. Scroll down a bit, and you will find the RTP, which can vary quite a bit from one game to another. Most online scratch cards pay anywhere between 85% and 95% back to the players.

If you plan on playing scratch cards, you should know that there aren't any strategies that can help increase your winnings. The gameplay is very straightforward, and standard betting systems can't be applied since the payouts can differ significantly from one round to another.

However, there are some things that you can improve. First of all, you need to shop around a bit for the best paying scratch card games. As we mentioned before, the RTP variations can be huge, even if you play similar titles from the same developer. One game can have a house edge of 6% while another in the same category, with the same overall design, has a casino advantage of more than twice that. This is an important detail that you shouldn’t overlook. You can check the RTP for free by just starting the game and looking at the detailed information.

Another great tip is to set the size of the bet based on your expectations for the current session. If you just want to play a few rounds, a more significant wager is alright. On the other hand, if you plan on playing for a while, you should opt for a smaller card price so that you don’t rely that much on winning early. Gambling responsibly is crucial so you should set a budget for playing and stick to it.

A conventional system used when playing scratch cards online is to lower the size of the bet after a winning round. The idea is that winning streaks are rare and you shouldn’t risk more money. With this in mind, bettors also tend to increase the size of the bet when they don’t win so that they can gain more in the next round. In truth, each ticket is randomly determined, and it is not based on the results that took place before.

Probably the most important thing when playing is to have fun. Don’t worry too much about the results and enjoy your time. You will sometimes win money, and you will sometimes lose. What matters is that you maintain a positive attitude and that you play within your means.

Scratch cards are all about luck. There is minimal skill required, and this means that it is a simple gambling game. The combination has helped keep it a reasonably popular option among bettors, and there are indeed plenty of good things about it. For starters, you can play in a couple of seconds and not have to stress about complex strategies. You just buy the ticket and scratch it to see if you win or not. Another perk is that the payouts can rise significantly. The rare symbols can be worth a lot, and you can win up to €5,000 on a bet of just €1. The games are also pretty easy to find, especially if you like playing on the internet.

On the other side of the argument, we have the high house edge. Most scratch cards don’t provide a good return for the player, even with the massive rates. You can, however, avoid these versions and stick to the ones that pay better. You will also find plenty of scratch cards online that have been based on iconic slots games. If you enjoy playing the slot machines, you can get a similar experience from the scratch versions. Several big providers do this for more variety in their portfolios, and the themes help make the games more entertaining. All in all, scratch cards are here to stay, and you might as well give them a try.

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team