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Online Casino Coupons, Vouchers and Promotion Codes

Since they first arrived on the internet online casinos have become a gift to all gamblers defying space and distance to bring the casino experience straight to your home or workplace. The beauty of this online entertainment is that they virtually offer everything that is available at the real world bricks and mortar casinos and much more besides.

One such welcome addition we are sure everyone can agree on is the introduction of coupon codes and vouchers. Interesting, right? Land-based casinos have never been that great at providing such incentives, in-fact, let's be honest here – back in the day before the advent of the online casino a player had to jump through hurdles just to register for admission.

Well, how things have changed, now the industry is even more competitive than ever before, and in addition to the array of casino bonuses on offer, many are also giving away coupon codes and vouchers to temp players to their doors (in a manner of speaking).

So what exactly are casino codes and vouchers and how can they be used to benefit the player? Let’s explore!

What are Coupon Codes and Vouchers

The dictionary definition of a coupon is; a document (or any other form of evidence) that shows that the holder is entitled to a particular discount by the organisation offering the incentive. The word coupon can be used interchangeably with the word voucher.

Casino Coupons and vouchers are used for promotional marketing and are more often than not given as an additional incentive to play at the casino on top of the other bonuses and incentives which may be running. Usually, it will be for an extra cash bonus of under 50 currency units free spins, but there are no hard and fast rules, all casino coupons and vouchers are as unique as the casino offering them.

For example -

10 Free Spins on Daily Jackpot Slots

£10 free when you play Bingo at?

Bet £20 and get £20 for free when you Join out Facebook…

£15 and 10 Free Spins on Unicorn Legend Slot Game

10 free Slot spins and £25 bonus when you sign up to…

How they work

Vouchers and coupons are slightly different when it comes to online casinos in that everything is in soft copy and there is no physical document presented as evidence. They are given as a code. These codes are unique to a particular casino, and the incentive offered will be given on presentation of the code.

To use them, a player needs to do is enter the code when registering with an online casino. Once all the formalities have been taken care off, the benefit will be awarded to your account ready for use.

Deposit/No Deposit Coupons and Vouchers

Most online casino coupons and vouchers do not require a player to deposit cash in order to take advantage of the incentive offered. Needless to say, these types of  No Deposit Coupons and Vouchers are very good news for the player, because it provides the opportunity to play for free with the possibility of winning real casino cash that you can withdraw if and when all the wagering requirements are met (assuming there are such requirements attached.

Deposit bonus coupon works by giving the customer better deposit bonuses, and deals than that offered on the website. For example, the website might be offering a match bonus of 60%, but the coupon can boost the match bonus to something like 100%.

Benefits of Online Casino Codes and Vouchers

When it comes to playing at the online casino, finding and using promotion codes and vouchers offer a number of useful benefits-

  • First, they provide an easy and free way to play your favourite games for real money.
  • If you were thinking of making a cash deposit anyway, they could help to boost your overall deposit, providing more game time and an increased chance of winning.
  • Players can sample the casinos and its games at no risk to help decide if it is worth investing time and money.

How to Find Casino Codes and Vouchers

If you want to try a casino or simply play a few games for free with the chance to win real money, it makes a lot of sense to grab a casino voucher or coupon code before you commence. Getting your hands on these sort of promotions is a very quick and easy thing to do and a there are an abundance of sites online that can help you find them.

The biggest problem you will encounter is that these promotions usually have a short lifespan, so the codes might only be valid for a month or two, either way, a only a short period. So many of the codes you will come across online will have already expired.

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