Casino Loyalty Bonuses

GambleScope Research Team

Make Every Bet Count with FREE Loyalty Bonuses

Online casino operators can offer various bonuses and promotions to customers as incentives to continue playing. It all starts with a welcome bonus on the first deposit and continues with monthly reload bonuses. In-between, loyalty bonuses provide personalised offers based on the level of activity so that all clients can feel appreciated. You too can benefit from a loyalty program at a top casino online! Before you get started, it is best to know how everything works and we have the perfect guide for you right here.

Welcome to Loyalty Rewards! Here is Your Starting Guide

Although the details can vary from one casino to another, there is a standard format for the program when playing online. Loyalty rewards are available for all real money customers registered with an online casino and are designed to keep track of the number of bets placed by generating comp points, also known as loyalty points or VIP points.

When you are playing your favourite casino games, you earn points based on the size of the bet and the game type. The best rate is usually for slots so let's say that you get 1 point for every €10 wagered on the spinning reels. For table games, the rate is generally lower, for example, 1 point for €40 played on blackjack, baccarat, or roulette. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; the points are automatically added to the account as soon as the bet is placed.

You can use your points to get free loyalty bonuses and various other rewards within the program. The amount of comp points earned will also determine what level you have, which in turn unlocks unique benefits. Not to mention that you can convert the accumulated points into real cash.

Moving up the Levels for Better Bonuses

A standard loyalty program nowadays has six levels for rewarding players. While newcomers start at the first one, active players will have no problem moving up the different tiers. With every new level, you unlock better rewards, which don’t just consist of loyalty bonuses. You can also get faster withdrawals, larger deposit limits, special promotions, invitations to exclusive events, boosted rates for earning points, birthday bonuses, and more.

Usually, you receive a level up bonus when reaching a new tier to celebrate the achievement. You should know that the status is not permanent and you need to maintain it by earning the required number of points every month.

For the most active players and the big spenders, casinos can offer the loyalty bonuses to match as part of the VIP levels. This is where the rewards become considerably more impressive.

Are Loyalty Bonuses Great for All Online Casino Players?

The programs used by the leading casinos seem to target a specific type of player. While the bonuses and the rewards are not exclusive to slots players, they cater more towards this group. This is because you get more points when betting on slots than you would when playing blackjack or any other table game for that matter. Also, the wagering requirements for the received bonuses will limit the gaming options that you can use the funds on. 

Another thing to consider is that rewards get better as you climb the ladder and reach a higher level within the program. It means that the promotional offers are more rewarding for frequent players than for casual gamers. If you only play a few rounds from time to time, you won't be able to enjoy the full potential of the rewards system. You will still earn points however, and you can use them to get some extra cash, which is always nice.

How to Get Loyalty Bonuses that Everyone Loves

Loyalty rewards and bonuses are a common sight nowadays, especially if we are talking about top online casinos. However, you should know that not all operators have these offers. It is always a good idea to do a bit of research before you join and see if the available program fits your playing style. If you are too busy for all of that, we recommend checking out the casino reviews provided by since you can quickly learn about the pros and cons of the best options.

The programs available can be as unique as the casinos. You can get free spins, branded merchandise, deposit bonuses, and other perks for your loyalty. And the best part about all of this is that you don’t have to do anything for the rewards. You just have fun and bet on the games you love while the bonuses are granted automatically.

In some cases, you can use the loyalty points to choose your gift from an exclusive online store hosted by the casino. If you like slots, you can buy free spins. If you want extra funds, you can claim bonus money. You can even purchase holiday packages in exotic locations if you saved enough points. The sky is the limit when it comes to the loyalty bonuses available for active players.

Your Loyalty has Never Been this Appreciated!

Land-based casinos can sometimes provide free drinks and meals for customers, but the rewards don’t even come close to the loyalty bonuses that you can get when playing online. The top programs are impressive and will offer plenty of perks. All you have to do is enjoy your favourites and bet real cash. You can win from the wagers and then collect extra bonuses on top!

Not all casinos have the same benefits, however, so it doesn’t hurt to shop around a bit before joining. You know how you like to play, so finding the perfect loyalty program to fit should not be a problem. The bonuses will not take long to come in, along with all sorts of other rewards. It is also great that the offers get better as you play more so you are rewarded based on your activity. The only thing left to do right now is to start playing!