Read this First Before Playing with Real Money

If you have never gambled online for real cash before, it is perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive about doing so. Well, you should always be cautious, there are some shady operators online, and we would urge players to pause for thought before committing hard earned cash at an online casino, poker, or sports betting platform. Let’s be honest; it is one of the reason’s why GambleScope and sites like us exist – to do the hard work in vetting these online platforms to give our readers accurate insider information.

Following our recommendations is just ONE thing you can do for peace of mind before depositing money to play your favourite games.

Here are SIX other quick and easy ways to checks every player should do first

Gambling License

Checking the operators gaming License should be one of the first checks you make. Do not underestimate the importance of a gaming licence. If the operator doesn’t have one, then know that there will always be a very good reason for this. You don’t need to know the reason, just avoid them.

There is a licencing authority for most geographical gambling jurisdictions on the planet, and they are not all equal. That is to say; some offer players more protection than others.

Keep in mind that the best gaming licencing regulators will not issue and renew licences to operators who do not abide by there often strict policies and game fairness testing. Gaming platforms which get there licence from a top regulator will proudly display the authority within the bottom links on their website.

Independent Standards and Testing Agencies

It is not uncommon for gambling operators to affiliate with other independent agencies as either part of their casino licence requirement or in addition to, to offer greater reassurance to their paying customers. The most trusted online gaming platforms are often affiliated with ‘Responsible Gaming’ organisations and game fairness auditors such as eCogra and TST. The later will regularly test the random number generator (RGN’s) algorithms employed by the casino. If the operator uses a credible game software provider, you won’t need to concern yourself too much with this because all the top third-party providers need to have their games inspected for fairness regularly. With that said, seeing the logo the for likes of eGOGRA adds a little more legitimacy and transparency.

Game software Providers

Nearly every online gambling operator uses a third party software provider to supply the games they present to their players. Not only that, these software companies invariably provide the operator's website with payment and security features, marketing support, and customer service management services. Since these software companies (to varying degrees) power the online casinos, bingo, poker, and sports betting platforms, knowing what software company the operator uses can tell you a great deal about the credibility of the platform.

It is common these days for the good operators to employ multiple software providers to provide games and website functionality. Since there are many companies now on the market, and they all have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, this makes a lot of sense.

Before depositing real cash in a casino, take a look at the software companies which power the site. If it is one of the bigger and better companies on the market, then you can be assured that the operator is a serious player which in itself provides a degree of reassurance.

Payment Methods and Options

Online Casino and gambling platforms have evolved to offer many payment methods to provide players from all parts of the world a suitable option for depositing and withdrawing funds. This practice evolved because Banks in many parts of the world were reluctant to process transactions which were related to gambling. It continues to be a problem in countries that take the view that online gambling is something that should be discouraged. For this reason, most casinos will provide plenty of alternatives to financially transact which includes various Bank cards, E-wallets, Cryptocurrencies, Bank and Wire Transfers, Payment by phone bill, eChecks, and even cash Payments.

A reputable casino will offer most of these methods. Above all things, however, the casino you choose to play real money games should provide payment by credit and debit card. You don’t need to select this method; it is entirely acceptable to deposit and withdraw casino funds using cryptocurrency if you wish. But casinos that offer Visa and MasterCard payments (et al.) will ultimately be thoroughly vetted and scrutinised by the banking institutions they are affiliated with. Ultimately, this provides yet another level of security and safety.

While looking into the banking methods provided by the gaming platform, it would also be a good idea to look at their policies for withdrawing funds particularly in respect of withdrawal limits, withdrawal times, and procedures unique to the operator.

Platform Accessibility and Game Quality

Having an extensive collection of quality games requires a substantial investment on the part of the operator. It is unlikely that an online casino or another type of gaming platform would go to the trouble if they just wanted to scam their players and make a quick buck. A reputable casino will not only provide a wide selection of high-quality games, but the most genuine platforms will also make available a healthy selection live casino games and the ability to play these games on a variety of mobile devices.

Customer Service Provisions

Checking the customer service provision is fundamentally one of the first things you should do before playing real money games. Strangely, it is the one thing players will only do when they have a problem, which becomes a greater problem when the issue can’t be resolved quickly.

In our opinion, adequate customer service should provide customers with 24/7 availability by online chat, telephone, and email as a minimum. Surprisingly, not all of the more established casinos will offer all these methods.

Look at it this way – you are playing a slot game for real money, and suddenly you have a technical problem in the middle of the game. You need help quickly, so what are your options? Waiting 24 hours for a snail mail reply is definitely not an option. Neither is anything other than live voice or message chat acceptable when it comes to account issues. Always make sure that the operator can be contacted in the method you prefer to communicate quickly and personably.


All of these checks can be carried out from a gaming operators website. If they are a credible, legitimate, and safe online casino, poker, or sports betting platform, you can be sure that they will happily boast of their credentials through their website.

All of the checks, as shown above, can be conducted in a 5-minute survey of the gaming website you want to play on for real money. For anyone who wants to gamble for real money online, these quick and simple checks will offer a significant degree of certainty (if done diligently) that the site has the right credentials to be trusted and you will be treated honestly and fairly by the operator.