Live Dealer Casino Games

Play at a Real Casino from Anywhere in an Instant with Live Dealer Casino Games

It would be fair to say that live dealer casino games have ramped the online casino playing experience up a notch. If you think that casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette are a buzz, just wait until you try your hand at the live versions, they will blow you away.

Anyone who has visited a traditional land-based casino and then tried their hand at these new online games will tell you that aside from actually being at bricks and mortar venue it couldn’t get any more realistic. The fact that you are interacting with real people is quite a strange experience, especially when they greet you by name as soon as you sit down to play. The dealers are dressed in the way you would expect them to be in your local casino; you almost feel guilty for not making an effort while sitting in front of your laptop in your PJs!

The operators which offer live dealer casino games have apparently done their homework as everything from how the dealers behave to the subtle background music is identical to the feel of a land-based venue. Everything is geared towards the player feeling relaxed and in the mood for some casino action as you would want it.

What having live dealer games availability says about a casino

Offering the facility of live dealer games shows that the casino is not just a small-time two-bit operation due to the financial and technical requirements needed to deliver live casino games. Offering regular software-based casino games is usually a matter of arranging integration with the various software providers. Live casino games are a different matter entirely because as separate software and live production broadcasted to bring this type of entertainment to the player. Croupiers also need be trained to present the games to an online audience and let’s not forget that these live dealer casinos operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Take a live dealer casino at William Hill as an example. Even though the room where the games are played could very well be a warehouse or office, money has to be spent for it to look like a traditional land-based casino. Invariably, however, these games are presented directly from a real casino which again incurs further costs. William Hill livery is everywhere, all of the croupiers are dressed the same which all goes to create an atmosphere which makes players want to carry on playing.

All of this comes at great expense and while it would not be appropriate to get the violins out because the likes of William Hill are having to spend money, having a live dealer casino is a sign that you are dealing with a reputable operation. Nothing stands still in the world of online gambling, and there is little doubt that soon all online casinos will offer live casino games. For the time being though, only the most reputable online casinos provide this type of gambling.

What live dealer games are available?

Not all casino games can be played in a live dealer format at the time of writing this article. In some instances, it is not practical since these types of games rely on a seamless way for online players to interact with the software and croupier. Also, there are undoubtedly financial aspects to consider. For now, however, it is possible to find the following casino games in a live dealer format. 

•    Live Roulette
•    Live Blackjack
•    Live Baccarat
•    Live Poker
•    Live Craps

There are sometimes different variations of these games, and the tables are usually available in relation to the various stake sizes. (the small stake tables being the most popular). There are also VIP tables which are available for players who want to play for higher stake limits.

The live casino experience

So, if you are playing a live dealer game at an online casino, what kind of experience can you expect. The first thing to remember is that for games like Blackjack, there are only a certain number of tables and seats available. Depending on what time of the day you play, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if a casino has a special bonus on offer, you may find that the tables are full and that you will have to wait.It is not uncommon to see bonus offers, especially at places like Ladbrokes and William Hill, which go along the lines of wager £10 on live games to receive a £5 bonus which also has to be played on live games.

When playing a live dealer game, just observing what the other players around the table are doing is something of an eye-opener and an indication as to why the online casino operators make so much money. During a live game, you can see the cards of the other players and the bets that they make, which makes it interesting to see how others play the particular live game being played.The atmosphere in these live casinos is something else which sets them apart from the software variety. Admittedly, if you are playing regular Blackjack or Roulette online, the background music adds to the atmosphere, but when you can see everything happening in real time, it all seems very different.

Unless you turn the volume down, you will hear the dealers greet you by name, and when you join a table one of the first things you will notice is the chat box in the corner of your screen. It can be quite amusing to read the feeble attempts of some of the other players to chat up the gorgeous female dealers. It is these little things that add to the entertainment. If you encounter any problems while playing, you can also use the chat box to speak to the Pit Boss.

To be honest, problems when playing live casino games are few and far between, but one of the most common problems players have is the winnings not being credited instantly. Give it a few seconds though and everything should be OK as it is just a case of the software catching up.

Our Verdict on Live Dealer Casino Games

The great thing about live casino play is that it answers those don’t entirely trust random number generators and who always claim that online casinos are rigged. With live dealer casino you can see the cards as they are dealt or the ball spinning around the Roulette wheel, so you know that it is a case of what you see is what you get and no chance of anything underhanded being played out by the casino operator.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of playing live casino games, it is highly recommended that you give them a try. Stick with one of the big names in the online casino world, and you won’t go far wrong. For anyone starting out on a sign-up or reload bonus, playing these games can be especially lucrative but bear in mind that playing live games (especially Blackjack), is much slower than the regular online version.

If you are used to playing the quicker versions, the live dealer games can sometimes feel a little frustrating, as each hand can take as long as it would take in a real-world game. This can lead to inexperienced players perhaps making larger bets in an attempt to get through the wagering requirements of any bonuses more quickly. It is advised to be patient when playing the live game, relax, and enjoy the occasion.

When you consider how online casino games have advanced over the last few years, it makes you wonder what it is to follow in the coming years. One thing is for sure; live dealer casino games are a step in the right direction. The possibilities for future online casino games make the mind boggle, and you can be sure that it can be only good news for players like us!