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TST: Technical Systems Testing

In the online casino industry, specific business practices and processes are regulated to ensure players and gamblers benefiting from a fair and safe experience. Since there aren't any globally recognised protocols for online casino sites to follow, a couple of independent organisations and companies have shown up to aid the online gambling industry to self-regulate. One of those companies is TST Technical Systems Testing.

What is TST?

Technical Systems Testing (TST) is an independent testing facility for online gaming and land-based operations worldwide. TST was founded in 1993 in Australia and has since been providing testing and consulting services to both online and land-based casino operators. The company, as a statistical firm, can guarantee precision, loyalty, and fairness of games provided by online gambling sites. As of today, it stands as a firm with the most elaborate game testing globally with branches in Macau, London and Vancouver.

What does it do?

TST certifies and audits companies who run online gambling operations to verify that the games they run are secure and fair. It also makes sure the gambling operations are in line with the standards of the industry and check statutory requirements demanded by the casino's licensing jurisdiction. Licensors, software suppliers, the internet players’ community, and online casino gaming operators, all acknowledge the validity of a TST awarded certificate.

When it comes to online gaming certification, two auditing aspects of Technology Systems Testing are essential. The first is the testing and inspection of an online casino's Random Number Generator (RNG). Online casinos with games of chance have to ensure the outcomes are fair yet unpredictable. For instance, in games like roulette, players shouldn’t be able to forecast the ensuing number. At the same time, over a vast amount of spins, every result would have appeared with around similar frequency.

With online roulette, RNG’s should ensure the randomness of an outcome occurring, which makes use of a complicated mathematical algorithm that creates random numbers. The random numbers link to the numbers on a roulette wheel. There’s also a similar process for the other games available at online casinos. Should the numbers created by an RNG be unpredictable and fair, then numbers on roulette wheels, blackjack cards, or even dice rolled on the craps tables are sure to be unpredictable and honest as well.TST appraises both RNG's raw output, and then it's output after having being linked to specific results for bias.

The second important sector of TST's certification has to do with the games. The source code is checked for correctness, functionality, particular game aspects and artwork. However, of utmost importance is the calculation of payouts periodically performed. Live data created in the actual operation of online casino games is used to confirm this. The median payout percentage is the sum paid by an online casino for every $100 wagered. This sum is over a set amount of time calculated for every single game category and also across every game. TST publishes the results via a certificate placed on the online casino operator’s website. Players can then compare actual payouts to decide if they desire to play at the casino.

Why is it Important to the Gambling Industry?

Once TST has tested an online casino's software, everyone involved with the industry (software providers, online casino operators, licensing jurisdictions, and of course players) can be sure of the credibility and accuracy of results because of what TST stands for and its expertise. Because it is independent, licensors can quickly license casino operations certified by TST. Software developers also make use of TST, as they find it easier to get clients when certified by TST.

How Does TST Protect Players?

Player protection is the primary aim of game testing organisations. TST does this by partnering with online and land-based casinos to create predefined tests that aim to control developing, technical, and administrative sectors of the partners. More so, TST also provides consulting services for companies in the gaming industries by offering a group of researchers that can analyse every individual request while developing technical aspects that meet the requirements of the jurisdiction in question. TST is, therefore, able to find the correct solutions for online gaming operators, so they comply with the regulations that apply in the territories of the operator in question. When it comes to online casino games accreditation, TST testing ultimately ensures that the online casino and sports betting operator can be trusted by players when it comes to the odds of the games, win payouts and information privacy of the online casino. A couple of tests carried out by TST are:

  • The mathematical evaluation of Games.

  • The Evaluation of Random Number Generators.

  • The Evaluation of Lottery Systems.

  • Game payments and continual RNG verifications.

  • Evaluation of safety systems.

  • Dynamic games evaluation (such as live dealer games and sports betting).

Why you Should use Casinos Approved by TST

TST certified online casinos offer players software that’s been carefully tested and audited. RNG’s of every game is thoroughly inspected, and game payouts verified. Also, live dealer games are also checked and tested with the full audit results available on websites. Online casinos certified by this independent organisation also offer players a certainty that the games found at a TST accredited casino run without bias unauthorised additions or tweaks. Should any irregularities be discovered, they have a chance to fix the problem. Only then will operators be granted a TST certification.