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Monaco is known for its extravaganza, tourist attractions, and needless to say gambling hotspots. If you’re heading to Monte Carlo for your vacation, you shouldn’t miss out on gambling!

The Legal Status of Gambling in Monte Carlo

Monaco is a small and independent country and doesn’t have to follow French laws. That’s why Monaco remains as one the gambling hotspots for Europe. Monaco has two popular and extravagant casinos in Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo Bay Casino and Casino de Monte Carlo. There are other smaller ones, but these are the largest and most famous.

While this small gambling haven does attract a lot of tourists, locals are forbidden from entering them! Yes, while Monaco prohibits their locals from engaging in gambling-related activities within the country’s boundaries, the same doesn’t apply to tourists. The laws talk about land-based gambling hotspots and casinos, but not those online. So the locals can still enjoy online casinos, but can’t set foot in the gambling centres that attract tourists unless a casino employs them.

Current Gambling Laws in Force

In 1863, gambling was legalised in Monaco to mend the state’s financial crisis. Monaco's residents can’t enter casinos, and for this reason, players must show identification on entry to a gambling venue in Monaco. Dress code is adhered to strictly. It is important to note that while citizens of Monaco aren’t allowed to gamble, residents – foreigners who settle here are exempt.

Who Regulates the Country’s Gaming Industry?

The Ministry of Finance and Economics regulates casinos and their activities. They have a Gambling Authority and Department of Gambling Control under the Ministry of Finance for this purpose. Their remit is to supervise casino operations, ensure employee code of conduct, control access to casinos and also monitor them on hours of service. There are regulations for setting up and running casinos here, which includes the condition that gambling permits must be done through the Prince of Monaco.

What is the Tax Situation on Winnings from Gambling?

Monaco is a tax haven, a significant reason for its popularity amongst the rich and famous. The same extends to winnings from gambling – profits made from gambling are tax-free in Monte Carlo.

Attitudes to Gambling in Monte Carlo

As long as the tourists follow the rules, the authorities do not trouble gamblers. The country is one of the most secure places in Europe with more security per capita than any other country in the world.

Is gambling a popular activity in this country?

Yes, while Monte Carlo does have tourist attractions and is known for its elegance and opulence, gambling is undoubtedly one of the more popular activities. Many tourists visit Monte Carlo to enjoy its high rolling gambling options. The casinos here are known for their regal and luxurious ambience. Accommodation is luxurious, and rooms are fully decked, and you are guaranteed to get the royal treatment. In short, Monte Carlo Casinos promise an entertaining, pleasurable, and unrivalled experience. If you love to play at the Casino, Monte Carlo is one place you shouldn’t miss out on!

How Safe is Gambling in Monte Carlo?


For a small country, Monaco has invested heavily in the security of its citizens, and the country as a whole. Most security professionals would agree it is probably one of the safest places to live. There’s a policeman for every 100 individuals here, video surveillance round the clock and highly sophisticated security system in place for casinos. Privacy is given utmost importance; a reason cameras are forbidden within the casinos. In short, it is an extremely safe place to gamble here in Monte Carlo.


Online Gambling is not overly regulated in Monaco. There aren’t any legal provisions that apply to online gambling, and hence, online gambling operators aren’t allowed to establish within the boundaries of Monaco. The online casinos in Monaco have their operations run from other jurisdictions, primarily France. There was an effort to regulate online gambling back in 2001, but it remains in the draft stage, so there are no regulations in the online gambling arena.

Options and Venues Worth Exploring

Monaco’s gambling history began with the launch of its first casino in 1858, none other than the legendary Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo. Other casinos followed, and there are few more affordable options too.

Here are a few noteworthy gambling options in Monte Carlo

Landbased Venues

Casino de Monte-Carlo: Monaco’s pride and joy, it is often featured in James Bonds’ movies. However, that’s not all. Charles Garnier is the architect of this casino and yes, the same one who is also known for Opera Garnier in Paris. The gaming lounges here are adorned with paintings, sculptures, and the stained glass windows are a sight to behold. The best part though is that this boasts all the prestigious table games out there. From Roulette to Slot Machines and Blackjack, there are all the best options available.

Casino Café de Paris: Next on the list of gambling hotspots comes The Casino Café de Paris, a famous meeting place in Monte Carlo.  If you are looking to break the royal elegance of Casino de Monte-Carlo, Café de Paris has American gaming with Grand Prix inspired interiors with games like Blackjack, Craps and American Roulette. Then there’s sports betting, slot machines, and video poker. If you love American table games then this is the place to be.

Sun Casino: This is a fashionable casino in Monte Carlo and a hotspot for hyperactive gamblers who are looking for a more relaxed ambience. If you prefer to avoid the grandeur that’s part and parcel of the Monaco casino scene, you’d love it here.

Bay Casino: For the budget conscious Bay Casino could be just the right option. Bets start at one cent, and the casino’s interiors are relaxed and comfortable. Step in for a relaxing experience in one of the gambling hotspots in the world.

Online Sites

As mentioned earlier, online gambling isn’t monitored or regulated in Monaco. However, most online sites operate from an establishment outside of Monaco. Quite a few online hotspots are popular here and used by locals and tourists alike. They include Betfair, 888, Casino Adrenaline, Bwin, Betsson, Novibet, and Unibet.

Overall Rating for Monaco as a Gambling Nation

When we think about the big gambling meccas around the world, then Monte Carlo ranks up there with the best. Yes, it doesn’t compare with the likes of Macau and Las Vegas in size, but it is top notch when it comes to quality and extravagance.

On a scale of 0-5, we would give Monte Carlo a 4.5. Many things tick all the right boxes, notably, the quality and availability of the casinos and its tax-free status on gambling. If you like high stakes poker, you are sure to find an excellent game here too, with plenty of high-rollers who will be happy to entertain you.

Monte Carlo does, however, fall a little short in other areas of gambling, in sports betting, for example, there are indeed better places to go due to the lack of bookmakers. Also, you are unlikely to find a game of bingo or lottery in this part of the world.