Which poker rooms are allowed to use HUD in 2022

For those new to Online poker, a heads-up display (HUD) displays and collects statistics on opponents. It is not possible to use a hud in every poker room, but some do. Here is a list of the best sites that do.

Poker players can be divided into two groups – those who just want to play casually without additional software and those who want to collect more information on their oppositions. This article was made for the second type of player.

Still, how quickly time flies. When some five years ago, all poker rooms allowed the use of statistics and mining in our time.Most poker rooms tightened the use of statistics or even banned it altogether.Still, there are many poker rooms where you can play with a HUD.

Here is a list of the best sites:


1.    888poker is one of the leaders in the world of poker.

The policy of this room is very soft regarding the use of HUD. Players’ nicknames are visible immediately, thanks to this. It is also very convenient to select tables to gain an additional advantage at the tables and hence profit.

Player Traffic in the room.

·         NL2-NL10: 61 tables

·         NL20-NL50: 17 tables

·         NL100-NL500: 13 tables


2.    PokerKing - juicy Rakeback in conjunction with players from the USA.

This room supports poker trackers by default. There is no restriction on the use of statistics. It is allowed to use dynamic and positional HUD.

Player nicknames are displayed directly in the room’s lobby. The selection of tables is free,providinga more significant advantage.

Player Traffic in the room

·         NL2-NL10: 33 tables

·         NL25-NL50: 28 tables

·         NL100-NL500: 20 tables


3.    Red Star – A Poker room with weak players from Europe.

Red Star is part of a major network such as iPoker, allowing us to play with weak players in Europe using all the features of HUD at the tables.

It is also worth noting this network uses the function of anonymous tables where you need to play at least one hand at the tables before you see the player’s nicknames.

Player traffic in the room

  • NL2-NL10: 83 tables

  • NL20-NL50: 78 tables

  • NL100-NL500: 41 tables


4.    Poker Stars – Leader among poker rooms

Hood is allowed here by default, yet there are some limitations - auto-notes and auto-markup on players.Therefore, extended stats should not be counted here. You will have to be content with the standard stats that are allowed.

Player traffic

  • NL2-10: 500 tables

  • NL25-NL50: 300 tables

  • NL100-NL500: 70 tables


5.    PPPoker and PokerBros - playing mobile apps with weak players.

PPPoker and PokerBros are mobile applications. This is a new stage in the development of online poker, which is moving more to the mobile platform over time.

In the selected applications, it is possible to play through the emulator on the PC that allows us to use a HUD while playing at the tables.