In a nutshell, a No Deposit Bonus is a gift of free credit given to a player as an incentive for registering with an online casino or sports betting platform. Many casinos and bookmakers offer No Deposit Bonuses to entice potential customers to their business. These types of bonuses are, effectively, free money that the casino allows you to have without making a cash deposit.

Free money sounds too good to be true though, right? Well, yes and no. It is true that when casinos offer you a no deposit bonus, they're offering you free money to play with, but there is a catch. It is not as easy as just playing with the money, winning, and then taking off with the profits - there's a bit more to it than that. No deposit bonuses are usually accompanied by "wagering requirements".

These requirements are the criteria that must be met before you are entitled to withdraw the money. In practice, this invariably means that you have to play a certain number of games or reach a specified amount of winnings before cash withdrawals are permitted. For example, you may begin with a free €10 No Deposit Bonus, but until you have played with this credit multiple times (to be specified), you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. The more you play, the more you may win, but also the more likely you are to have losses.

So, there is a catch - but that doesn't mean they don't serve a useful purpose. One benefit of free casino credit is that you get to try out a casino and its games for free. In addition, you still have the possibility to win money without risking any of your own. From the casinos perspective, they hope that you will be seduced enough with their service and games that you choose to continue gambling with them.

Generally speaking, there aren’t any other hidden catches or conditions. Typically, these types of bonus do not require you to give financial information (unless you need to withdraw winnings) and you aren’t obligated to use them again if you don’t want to.

It is worth investigating which bookmakers and casinos have No Deposit Bonuses, as it is an excellent way to find out which casino offers the best betting experience.

These bonuses can be for any amount at the discretion of the specific online casino or bookmaker. On average, however, No Deposit Bonuses typically offer modest amounts of around €5 and €10 in free bets or fee spin bets.

These offers are almost always exclusively available to new customers. Welcome bonuses of any type are not available to customers who already have an account with the casino or bookmaker. If you get to a point where you would like to withdraw your winnings, you will have to enter your financial details. At this point, there is always the option to disregard the site and move on without having wasted any of your personal funds.

If you take a sensible and strategic approach to no deposit bonuses, perhaps you will be able to reap dividends from them as a result, but it won’t be easy!