5 Progressive Jackpots with the BIGGEST Payouts

Every so often you’ll hear of a fortunate player winning a tremendous amount of money by playing slots. While regular video slots can pay out relatively large sums of money, it’s progressive jackpots that pay out the huge cash prizes. Progressive jackpots have a prize pool that increases every time someone places a wager, with no restriction on how big the jackpot can get. Visit an online casino, and you’ll commonly see progressive jackpots with prize pools as high as five, six or even seven figures. Here are the five progressive jackpots that have rewarded the biggest payouts ever.

5. Mega Fortune Dreams - biggest win of €5,505,845

A sequel to the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot (as seen further down the list), Mega Fortune Dreams is themed after the dreams of a life of luxury. Plus, thanks to its enormous progressive jackpots, it gives players the opportunity to live that life for themselves. The three jackpots available are the Rapid Jackpot, the Major Jackpot, and the Mega Jackpot. The first one (the smallest of the three) is funded only by those playing at the same casino as you; the other two are funded by players at every online casino where the game is available. You score a chance of winning by landing a certain number of bonus symbols, then spinning a bonus wheel that has three rings; if you’re lucky enough to reach the middle, the Mega Jackpot will be all yours. This NetEnt slot’s biggest payout of €5,505,845 is considerably higher than its average payout of €3,735,814, but considerable nonetheless.

4. The Dark Knight - biggest win of €6,576,330

Based on the film of the same name, this progressive slot by Microgaming paid out its most significant payout win to date in 2012. The lucky winner was a man from England who had been playing the game at Butler’s Casino. He won the largest of the four different progressive jackpots the game has, the Mega Jackpot. The Dark Knight is one of many slots by Microgaming to use the 243-ways-to-win system. Usually, you can only win by landing winning combinations on one of the slot’s paylines that you’ve wagered. This slot, however, makes every single possible line across the reels a payline, giving you more chances of winning - and, more importantly, more chances of winning the big progressive jackpot prize.

3. Hall of Gods - biggest win of €7,820,888

This tremendous progressive jackpot by NetEnt is one of many slots to be themed after the gods of Norse mythology. As with others on the list, this slot has multiple different progressive jackpots, with a total of three. Win the Mini, and you can expect a cash prize in the thousands; for winning the Midi, you’ll likely receive a six-figure payout. Finally, for the Mega jackpot, the game’s biggest jackpot, you stand a chance of winning a considerable seven-figure payout. This slot’s highest ever payout of €7,820,888 was paid out to a player at Norway’s Betsson Casino in April 2015. Since December 2010, this slot has paid out an average of €5,843,356 for every win; the Mega jackpot gets won about two times a year.

2. Mega Moolah - biggest win of €13,212,882

This African Savannah-themed video slot by Microgaming is, in many people’s eyes, the world’s most famous and favourite progressive jackpot. Though it hasn’t entirely paid out the single most substantial win, it’s known for producing many millionaires. In 2017 alone, it paid out a staggering €57 million to 12 players - an average of €4.7 million per player. Such is the popularity of this progressive jackpot that it even has its very own website, where payouts are tracked, and you can find online casinos available in your country that offer the game. There are four different progressive jackpots, each one worth more than the last. Each one has a set value reset once won. For example, the smallest one, the Mini Progressive, gets reset to 10 credits, while the largest one, the Mega Progressive, gets reset at 1 million credits. The most recent win (at the time of writing) was on 8 March 2018, with the cash prize of €4.8 million going to yet another British player. He won while playing on his mobile and his win is the fifth largest amount the slot has paid out to a mobile player.

1. Mega Fortune - biggest win of €17,860,868

Another NetEnt giant, Mega Fortune currently holds the world record for the highest ever progressive jackpot payout. A Finnish man in his 40s playing the slot at the online casino Paf won the life-changing sum of €17,860,868 back in 2013. What makes his story even more fascinating is that he won the ridiculously colossal amount with a bet of only €0.20! This progressive jackpot has also paid out several other huge prizes: in 2011 an anonymous player from Norway playing at Betsson Casino won a staggering €11,735,446, while in 2015, a Swedish player walked away with a win of €8,577,104. As its name suggests, this video slot is themed after riches and wealth. Its symbols include all manner of objects associated with a life of luxuries, such as diamond rings, stretch limos, and champagne bottles. There are three different progressive jackpots featured in this game: the Rapid Jackpot, the Major Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot. The first two are funded by those playing at a single casino, while the last one is the big one, supported by those playing at every casino where the slot is available.


If you’re going to choose a progressive jackpot to play, it’s got to be Mega Moolah. It’s a hugely popular slot that allows players to track payouts through its website, which are nearly always seven-figure sums. It isn’t responsible for the largest, all-time payout, but having said that, it certainly deserves its reputation for being a millionaire maker. Visit the vast plains of the Savannah with Mega Moolah, and you just may be the very next big winner!