In recent years, the online casino sector has increased dramatically, becoming one of the most profitable industries in the world. Fuelled by the digital revolution, online casinos are now benefiting from an abundance of new and emerging technologies that have propelled once traditional games back to life.

One of the technologies that has fuelled this growth is live casino games. After identifying a gap in the market where the physical and virtual worlds didn’t quite blend together, live dealer casinos solve this challenge.

So what are live dealer casinos and why are they so popular? Below we’ll explore what exactly live dealer casinos are, the technologies they rely on and how they’ve carved a path to success.

What is a live dealer casino?

A live dealer casino is an online casino which operates via a series of physical rooms where a real life dealer is present. The dealer is able to interact with players in real time while they play virtually from anywhere in the world. 

Unlike virtual casino games where there’s only a series of pictures and numbers on the screen, a live dealer game enables players to enjoy the interactivity they would usually find in a brick and mortar venue, with the added convenience of online play. 

What’s involved in a live dealer casino game?

A live dealer casino game involves a number of components in order for the game to run smoothly. These include:


The camera is an important part of the live streaming process, in which technology has enabled high quality streaming for a superior experience. Typically, there are three cameras involved in order to cover the table, the wheel and a picture by picture display. 

Game Control Unit

The gaming table itself usually has a GCU or a gaming control unit attached to it. The purpose of the gaming control unit is to encode the video while it is broadcast, as well as assisting with running the game. 


Depending on the type of game being played, there will be a wheel involved. These wheels are much more advanced than the wheels used in traditional casinos and usually feature an interactive sensor and built in software, making the game highly sophisticated.

The dealer

The dealer is responsible for handling the game in which each live dealer must go through a reasonable amount of online training to ensure their competence in the rules of the game. The dealer's moves are also tracked by a live card to ensure fair and accurate play.  


The monitor shows what a player can see on their screen, giving everyone involved a good view of the game. The monitor is also important for the dealer too as it allows them to see which players are online and interact with those players in a live chat.

The rise in mobile casino games

In recent years, mobile technology has significantly improved, in which people can now do more with their smartphones than ever before. From online shopping and banking, to playing live games, smart phones have come a long way.

As such, Google now favours a mobile first strategy in which online casino providers need to provide a mobile optimised site for online gaming. Many online casinos now have an integrated app which allows players to access live dealer games more easily on their mobile device. 

Technologies like 4G and 5G have also become much more prevalent across the world, meaning more and more people are able to access online gaming in remote corners of the globe. In addition, the cost of mobile devices is lowering, meaning the technology is becoming more affordable in developing countries.

The changing target audience of live dealer casinos

As casino games have become more accessible to people across the globe, there has been a shift in the types of demographic groups that access such games. While traditional casino games used to appeal to an older and more male orientated audience, today’s marketing strategies must also cater to female and younger audiences too. 

Why are live dealer casinos so popular?

A live dealer casino enables players to receive the full casino experience that they may otherwise lack in a virtual environment. While virtual play has many benefits, players miss out on the lively atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino.

With a live dealer game, players can interact with the dealer in real time, making the game more interactive and entertaining. With traditional casino games, players can only interact with automated features which makes the game less entertaining, whereas the live dealer game reinforces the feeling that the player is playing with other live players too.

Overall, live dealer casinos have become incredibly popular in recent years. While online casinos offer a huge wealth of benefits and flexibility that has allowed the industry to thrive, live dealers casinos have levelled up the playing field. As technology continues to develop through the digital revolution, it will be interesting to see what’s next for online casino game play. 

Date Publication: Nov 17, 2021 Last Updated: Nov 22, 2021