Everything about poker

GambleScope Research Team

Poker is an increasingly popular gambling game enjoyed by many millions of regular players worldwide. The game hasn’t always been as universally widespread as it is today, played predominantly in backroom poker schools by players who would prefer not to advertise their exploits.

This all changed by the end of the 1990’s with the advent of online poker and increased media attention. The result was a huge surge in uptake by players from all walks of life embracing the game. Poker is now easily accessible both online and offline attracting people who are prepared to invest many hours in learning the game for the chance to win the big prizes on offer for successful players.

Here you will find links and resources available to educate anyone interested in learning more about the game irrespective of your current level of experience. Game guides are available explaining how to play the different variations of poker as well as poker school tutorials providing strategy tips to help you become a better player from beginner to more advanced techniques.

Our guides will not only help you take your game to the next level but when you are ready to play real money games, we will show you the safest and most exciting places to play online. GambleScope will also show you how to enter the major tournaments online and offline for the opportunity to win the big prizes and cover all the bases in between for the best poker experience and game enjoyment.

Things you should know before playing poker online

You’ve played poker with the guys every Friday for years or gone to Vegas when you could afford to and now you think why wait till Friday? Or for Vegas? Why not play anytime you want to online? Well this guide is to explain everything you are bound to encounter while playing online poker from differences, types of games, to online tournaments and some helpful tips to help you on your winning way while playing online poker. Alright let’s start the list:

Online Poker and Live Poker- Is There a Difference?

Online poker really isn’t that different from live poker, it is basically the traditional game played online over the internet. Like traditional poker, there are numerous variations of games played on numerous sites. The rules of online and live poker are the same so you don’t have to worry about relearning rules.

A difference though is in the speed of the game, as online poker usually is quicker. You are able to play with a smaller amount which means fewer risks and you can play anytime anywhere. You don’t have to drive down to your buddy’s house just to get a game. Another difference with online poker is the fact that you can’t see who you’re playing against. You can’t look at their faces to learn their tell to see if they are bluffing. You pretty much have to relearn how to sight a bluff.

Things You Need Before You Can Play Online Poker

Wait! Now the title might seem a little misleading as you really don’t need much. There are two ways you can play online poker games; one is downloading a game client from your preferred website or playing via your browser on your favourite site which requires no download at all.

For downloadable clients, all you need is a computer capable of handling the downloadable software preferably a computer manufactured at least a couple years ago. For downloadable games, all you need is a browser capable of handling the graphics. As the name of the game states, you do need a steady internet connection for both types, don’t want a situation where you are about to win and your connection goes dead.

Types of Online Poker Games Available For Play

Online poker varieties are so numerous but each type while varying in playing method has the same principal elements which are hand values, betting and bluffing. A couple of online poker varieties are: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Irish Poker, Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi Lo, Five Card Draw and many more. The most popular variety is Hold’em as it is the most simple to learn and play.

Tournaments- When playing poker online you have the chance to play at poker tournaments, which are extremely popular as they are the most inexpensive method to possibly win large prize money. The way to enter into an online tournament is the same as a traditional one, via a buy-in: paying a certain amount to get the same in chips so you can play. A quick search online would show that there are tournaments with buy-ins as little as $20 with first place cash prizes worth over $150,000.

Freerolls- There are also tournaments with no buy-ins called freerolls run by poker sites for certain players. You don’t have to pay to get in but you have the chance to win real money. It is basically a risk-free game, you don’t lose any money because you didn’t put any up in the first place. There are numerous sites that offer freerolls so it makes sense to take your time when searching for a poker site to call home.

Tips and Secrets of Online Poker

When playing traditional poker games, all you have when playing is the table, the dealer, and the other competitors. You have no tools to help you keep track of your game or to help you better your game but with Online poker, depending on the site you have a plethora of tools to choose from that are sure to make you an ever-confident online poker player. A couple of these tools are

Beginner Tables: the majority of poker sites offer beginner tables which are great for those new to online poker and those new to poker as well. With beginner tables, you’re limited to a single table which you can play at your pace while you come to grips with the game.

Results Tracker: To become a better player, it is important you track your game. Most sites let you view your ended session stats (no. of flops, win-rate etc.) to understand just how well or poor you’ve played

Multi-Tabling: A big difference between live and online poker is that online poker offers the chance to play at more than a single table simultaneously. For a newbie to online poker, it might seem daunting, but it’s actually pretty simple to do as most times you’re waiting to have a great hand.

Frequent Player Rewards: It is surprising that most players aren’t aware that frequent player points are earned every time a game is played which can be redeemed for prizes and cash. This is a great boon for online poker over live poker as win or lose, you have a chance to win something thanks to player points earned.

Use More Than One Site: While you might think using one single site might be smart, it is actually better to do your research and find a couple sites that offer the tools you need, so you can increase your chances of winning. Sites while offering the same games, have different rewards and tournaments, so if you want to actually make money, using a couple sites to play online poker is the way to go.


The above list is just a few of the many advantages and tools offered by playing poker online. You are able to play at your own pace while earning rewards and even being able to qualify for live play tournaments like the World Poker Tournament.