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Casinos with the Smallest First Deposit

The dream to start small and win big lives among the gambling community since the times people started to gamble. Poor hope to become rich overnight, others — to quickly obtain a sum of money for solving urgent financial problems. Some don’t do this for money (although winning is always good), but view this more as a challenge.

No matter the motivation — such a win is totally possible. Unless you run into a streak of bad luck, but that can't be anticipated or avoided. Here are the 5 steps to win.

Minimum Bets Only

Choose only games that allow the smallest bets possible. For slots that’s usually around $0.10. The idea is to split your bankroll into as many bets as possible. More bets — more chances that one of them will go through and you get a win that will compensate for your previous unsuccessful bets and add something on top.

No Experience? Stick to Slots

Table games like roulette, baccarat, craps and blackjack have various betting strategies that can increase your chances of winning. For example, like Martingale, Paroli or D’Alembert systems for roulette. If you have at least some experience with these games and they are among your favorites, then it might be worth trying.

But these strategies can exhaust your initial $20 after just a few unlucky games. And many casinos forbid them and ban players accused of sticking to them.

Throwing $0.10 into the slot per spin, on the other hand, requires no experience. It’s the choice of the proper slot that matters. And more about this — below.

Choose the Right Slot That Pays

In order to win big with a small bankroll, find slots that have RTP above 96% and low or medium-low volatility. Higher RTP gives you more chances in the long run. And placing minimum bets will allow you to stretch out your deposit for this run.

Games like Mega Joker with 99% RTP (US players have legal access only to the 95% RTP version), Blood Suckers (98% RTP), Starmania (97.7% RTP) and some others are your best friends here. Check out the slot info before playing.

Low volatility, on one hand, won’t allow you to win insanely huge sums, but you’ll keep winning small amounts more or less consistently, further stretching your deposit. And hoping for an eventual big win that will put you in the comfortable surplus.

Eye For Promotions

Look for a casino that offers a lot of promotions and bonuses. Taking the sign-up bonus can often essentially double your bankroll. Although it might not be easy to find a bonus that will work on $20, usually you need to deposit at least $50. It goes without saying that free spin bonuses are also your best friends.

However, bonuses or promotions often come with strings attached. Like wagering requirements. Pay attention to them and choose with the least amount possible.

It might be viable to start with $20 in one casino. And after increasing your deposit through wins to the minimal withdrawal amount (for example, $100), take a look at the other casinos offering sign-up bonuses for this amount of money. You might be able to turn those 100$ into 200$, doubling your chances, just by switching casinos and continuing playing the same slot.

Self Control

Having a lucky spree and feeling that if you bet big now, you’ll win more? Don’t do it, stick to the strategy, keep betting $0.10 (or whatever minimal amount possible). Even if you lose a 1$, you deny yourself 10 spins. 5$ — 50 spins, 50 less chances to win.

Having an unlucky spree? Just stop playing for a while and do something else. Do not cave to the thoughts like “if I continue playing, I’ll win eventually”, or “maybe I should bet more to at least return the losses”.

If you can’t control yourself — you won’t succeed with this challenge.

In conclusion, placing small bets on a high-RTP low-volatility slot is the only real fully legal strategy that can increase your initial small deposit multiple times. It’s in no way guaranteed, luck is the major factor you can’t influence. But it provides you with the most possible chances to succeed with a small deposit.