New slot development in… 15 minutes?

A company named XGENIA that specializes in game development, has launched a platform that can AI-generate new slot games with just the text prompts needed.

The company claims that their AI “doesn’t merely execute tasks, but think, learn, collaborate, and evolve as a cohesive, specially tailored team”.

Needless to say, that it can be called a revolution. As with current means it takes from some days to develop a sloppy placeholder slot to several months to develop a masterpiece.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, replacing the work of graphic designers, coders, voice actors and many more, now it’s possible to generate new unique slot games in 15 minutes. Just have a prompt at hand.

The platform is currently in demo version and XGENIA invites slot operators for the test drive. And also claim that they’re just starting with slots, but more is to come.