Which is Better Between Hot and Cold Numbers in Roulette?

Playing roulette reveals several truths when played regularly. The most obvious is that some numbers in a session land more often than others. These we can call hot and cold numbers. The cold ones, bing the numbers that don’t land often.

Playing hot or cold numbers is a roulette strategy for many. The question is – which is better to play, hot or cold numbers?

Here is a quick answer from a very experienced player:

To be clear, the hot numbers are the ones that land most often in roulette at regular intervals. Cold numbers are those that haven’t landed for a while.

The stats reveal many players bet on cold numbers because they have not fallen for a long time, and it is time they did. According to logic, this is correct for only one thing, and roulette is an unpredictable game. It is better not to do this.

The better option would be to bet on hot numbers. Playing these numbersis more likely to generate income. The same number can fall 2-3 times in a row.All these factors will lead our balance into the black.