Casinos with GTECH Software

A significant Developer of Online Casino Games GTech forges ahead as IGT


The developer GTECH has had a long and fruitful history. It all started back in 2006 when the American company GTECH Corporation, based in Providence, Rhode Island, was acquired by Lottomatica, Italy’s National Lottery, in 2006. The deal was reported to have been worth $4.5 billion, and once finalised, it underwent a name change to GTECH, in recognition of its new acquisition. With the merger complete, GTECH became one of the top providers of online gaming content and solutions in the world. Then in 2014, GTECH set about acquiring the company International Gaming Technology (IGT), which at the time was the world’s largest developer of slots. This deal was much larger than the one with Lottomatica - worth some $6.4 billion. Once it was complete in 2015, GTECH formally changed its name to International Gaming Technology, or IGT for short.

While known as GTECH, the developer was known for being one of the largest creators of online casino and lottery gaming content. In 2011 alone, it launched an impressive 100 games, cementing its status as one of the most prolific developers in the industry.


One of the main advantages of GTECH (before its merger with IGT) was the graphical quality of their games. The standard of visuals, especially the slots, was unusually high, with sharp HD graphics helping to create a vividly rendered and richly detailed gaming world. Another strength is that the developer has been very industrious, having produced over 400 games without sacrificing quality. Its games portfolio as a whole is generally considered to be among the best, thanks to the developer’s continuing efforts only to produce games of high quality. What also merits a mention is the sheer number of games the developer has launched. These games cover a broad range of categories, providing casino operators with games that suit the needs, preferences, and tastes of pretty much every type of casino player.


Determining a weakness of GTECH is a challenge since there doesn’t appear to be anything the developer has done that can be viewed as a negative. Some might argue that there’s nothing too innovative or cutting edge about the games they produce and that having created so many games, they should have tried to add new things to the industry. Still, this isn’t a proper criticism as such, as the developer’s intention to create stable, reliable games can’t be faulted, especially when the games have been so well received. Some may also criticise the developer’s business model, which has seen it make some large-scale acquisitions in an ambitious growth strategy through positive acquisition. In other sectors, various companies continue to grow, to the point where they have a sizeable share of the market. Some think larger companies like GTECH may be preventing smaller developers from getting their fair chance at becoming successful. 


  1. All online casino game developers should have active gambling licences to cover their business practices in all territories in which they operate. A licence shows that a developer (or online casino) has been carefully reviewed and deemed to be safe, reliable and trustworthy. GTECH is licensed to operate in a large number of places and has different types of licence, including the lottery for specific US states and general gambling licences that cover multiple jurisdictions. Some of the organisations that have supplied GTECH with permissions include the UK Gambling Commission and the Swedish Gambling Authority. Before becoming known as IGT, GTECH was licensed to operate in well over 100 territories; it’s now licensed in more than 250.
  2. Incredibly, the developer hasn’t been responsible for any significant industry innovations, aside from continuing to promote games with an exceptionally high quality of graphics that have made other developers step up their game.
  3. GTECH’s casino games are designed to be fully compatible with various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets that use the iOS and Android operating systems.


What’s excellent about GTECH is that it's an ambitious, driven, and prolific developer of gaming content for online casinos. Though it now operates under the IGT name, games by GTECH continue to prove popular at a large number of online casinos. This is because the games are designed with exceptional attention to detail and fantastically rendered visuals that help bring the games to life. This is especially true for the slots, which are designed with impressive graphics that do an excellent job of providing players with a thrilling gaming experience.

There’s not too much in the way of innovations from the developer; instead, it seems to prefer playing it safe and sticking with tried-and-tested formulas. Therefore, when you come to play GTECH games, you can rest assured that you’ll get an enjoyable gaming experience.