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A German developer fast gaining an excellent reputation online


Merkur Gaming is a long-established company whose initial focus was to create physical gaming machines for an array of venues, including casinos and amusement facilities. Over the years, the German company’s output became increasingly advanced: it would go on to launch some multi-game cabinets that use double screens to improve and enhance the player’s gaming experience. Its physical gaming machines were not only sold to German venues; they were made available to play across the world.

Nowadays, Merkur Gaming is part of the Gauselmann Group, which is the largest developer of casino and amusement games in Germany. Since becoming part of the group, Merkur Gaming has continued to create gaming machines for multiple types of physical venue; the developer has also recently begun launching online versions of some of its most popular land-based games. While the focus is mostly on slots, Merkur Gaming has launched a handful of table games, such as roulette.

A lot of online casino players won’t necessarily be as familiar with Merkur Gaming as they are with the likes of NetEnt or Microgaming. This is because the developer has only recently started making waves in the online gambling industry; for most of its history, it’s been concentrating on the land-based gaming market. German players may well be more familiar with Merkur Gaming as the head of its parent company, Paul Gauselmann, is reasonably well known for his contributions to business and is one of the top names in the German gambling industry.


One of the critical advantages of Merkur Gaming is the fact the themes of its slots are incredibly creative, diverse and imaginative. The number of online slots created by the developer stands at around 150, and there are plenty of titles to suit every player’s taste. Among the collection, you’ll find many standard five reel slots, along with some classic titles with three reels, and even a few with four or seven reels - there’s one particular slot, Beat the Devil, that has a single reel! Themes include Sherlock Holmes, wild west adventures, pirate expeditions, dragons, ancient Egypt, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Illuminati, vampires, cobras, wizards amongst many more.

Merkur Gaming’s online slots tend to be more about entertainment and fun. As such, their betting limits and payouts are on the smaller side. The slots are designed to offer lower payouts more frequently, as opposed to higher payouts infrequently. Many players, therefore, find them more enjoyable to play since they’re typically rewarded relatively often without having to spend too much money. The slots are more leisurely in a way, in that the focus is more on enjoying the gaming aspect, rather than playing to land a big win.


Merkur Gaming is one of several online casino game developers that focuses on creating online versions of its pre-existing land-based casino games. As such, its online presence isn’t anywhere near as significant as that of other developers that create games for the online market from scratch. The number of casinos where you can find games by Merkur Gaming is on the small side, though hopefully in time more and more online casinos will offer its games for players. The developer’s collection does not necessarily have the most high-quality of graphics or design features when compared with slots by other developers. This is due to the fact that Merkur Gaming focuses on creating online versions of its land-based games and some of its physical games are several decades old. Some of its more recent physical games that have been adapted for the online market do have a better quality of graphics and visuals.


  1. Merkur Gaming is based in Germany and has all of the appropriate licences required for it to operate legally in their markets of operation.
  2. The developer doesn’t appear to have won many major industry awards. That doesn’t necessarily mean that its gaming content lacks quality.
  3. Most developers that have launched online games have created mobile versions of their games. Merkur Gaming is no different, however, so far it’s only released a small number of mobile-friendly game titles.


What’s excellent about Merkur Gaming is their commitment to creating high-quality casino games. While the developer has earned itself a reputation for its land-based casino games and gaming cabinets, it’s starting to receive praise for its online adaptations of these games.

The company focuses on innovation, passion, and tradition - these are the cornerstones of the company’s work ethic and have helped it get to where it is today. Many other developers focus on pushing boundaries, chasing trends and releasing a constant stream of games - that’s not the case with Merkur Gaming. This developer is instead concentrating on replicating the success as a creator of physical games for the online market. Their titles, therefore, have a more classic and somewhat vintage look to them, especially those based on the developer’s earliest releases. Not the most modern or feature heavy it has to be said, but they’re still very much worth trying out, especially if you’re fond of more traditional classic games.

You may have to do a bit of searching to find a Merkur Gaming casino, though once you do you should discover plenty of the developer’s titles there waiting to be played. There’s a great variety on offer, so no matter what your preferences are, you’re sure to find a Merkur Gaming slot that’s right for you!