Casinos that Accept Cash Online

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Casinos with Cash Online Payment Method

Many players are unaware that it is possible to make an online casino deposit using cash. Of course, we are not encouraging anyone to make their way to the head office of an online casino with money in hand. Indeed, doing so will not get you anywhere, but there are services available that can intermediate in the acceptance of a cash transaction.

This type of service is not for everyone, and indeed, it is not the easiest way to make a casino deposit. But for anyone who doesn’t have a bank account, or has one but would prefer not to use it for their gambling entertainment then it cash transactions could be the way to go.

Furthermore, it would be fair to mention that in some parts of the world where the online casino is not overly tolerated, like in the United States of America for instance, it happens to be one of the few deposit methods available.

Payment Methods Players can use to Deposit Cash at the Online Casino

Let's now look at a few payment methods that enable players to make casino deposits using cash-


PayNearMe is a payment system based in the United States that allows North American players to deposit cash at one of its 25000 retail outlets nationwide to deposit money at the online casino.

To make a casino deposit PayNearMe, you must first find a casino that accepts payments using this method. Since these services are solely based in the US, the service is predominantly used by online casinos in the united states.

When a PayNearMe casino is found, making deposits are very easy. Players must select the PayNearMe option at the cashier section of the Casino. The payment system will then send a code by email or app. Take this code to a PayNearMe retail outlet and deposit the cash. Once this is complete, funds are immediately credited to the casino account.


Ukash is a UK payment system which is incredibly straightforward. Players can purchase UK vouchers using cash from thousands of retail outlets around the country and use the voucher code to make an online casino deposit at any gambling establishment that accepts this payment method.

These are just a few of the multiple possibilities to make a casino deposit using cash. If hard cash is your preferred method to fund a casino account, then think creatively and familiarise yourself with the options available in your local area.

Advantages of Using Cash to Make Casino Deposits

Casinos that accept cash provides an alternative for individuals who don’t want to use traditional methods of payment. If you have no access to a bank account or credit card, this is an option of depositing with cash directly. Also, if you wish to keep your transactions private, this is got to be one of the safest options available.

Payments using this method are immediate. Deposits are anonymous and even buying the required vouchers at the point of sale requires no need verification.

Another benefit is that it helps in managing your gambling budget. Making deposits this way takes time and effort, you cannot just spend more than is deposited initially and spend more than you can afford on a whim.

Disadvantages of Using Cash to Make Casino Deposits

Just like any other means of payment, some downsides come with this method. One of the significant disadvantages is that this option is not as fast as other alternatives that you can do online or through the website. Regardless of your location, you must head to a retail outlet to make your deposit.

There is a deposit limit capped associated with these methods. Typically, this could also be positive or negative depending on where your point of view. But irrespective of your point of view, it does have the advantage of enabling players to manage a budget set aside to play casino games efficiently.

This method is also a one-way street. Unlike other e-wallet alternatives, methods like PayNearMe and Ukash do not allow you make withdrawals. If you do want to collect winning, you might have a long delay waiting for the cheque to arrive in the post.