Pay By Phone Bill Casinos

Things have come on leaps and bounds since the advancement of online casinos. Players now have a multitude of options to deposit and withdraw funds to play casino games online. In this article, we shall be taking a look at casinos that accept payment by mobile phone bill as an option.

Making casino deposits by paying through your mobile phone bill is one of the easiest ways to facilitate a casino deposit. There are a number of services available that facilitate this process. Lets some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this method to play casino games online for real money games.

Casino deposits via mobile phone bill are accepted on some online casinos using third-party solutions that help facilitate these kinds of transactions. Two of the most common services to be found at the online casino, Payforit and Boku.

Since most people on the planet now own a mobile phone, paying for things other than a mobile plan on your phone bill is now an option. For players who like to play casino games on their mobile, it may also be the best option as deposits can be made quickly from the phone number being used to play online casino games at Pay By Phone Bill Casinos.

Payforit is a service introduced by the core cellular operators in the UK like Vodaphone and O2. It is safe, convenient and secure for users. It is one of the less tedious methods of funding an online gambling account for players who own a mobile phone.

To play at a Pay By Phone Bill Casino, you must first find an online venue that accepts payforit as a casino payment option. This is not too difficult to do as there is now an increasing number of online Pay By Phone Bill Casinos accepting payforit deposits. Go to the casino cashier, select pay via mobile phone bill as an option and enter your mobile phone number. After that, you will receive a verification notification text. Verify the transaction and select how you want to pay. For phone users who pay by monthly bill, casino deposits can be added this way, and for PAYG users, deposits can be made by making deductions from your current credit allowance. Either way, payment into your Pay By Phone Bill Casino account will be instantly credited using this method.

Similar to Payforit, Boku connects players, mobile carriers, and casinos using a single system. As opposed to a player inputting his/her card details into the checkout of the casino, they can use their mobile numbers. Players can then deposit funds into a casino account instantly and play via their mobile bill.

When the Payment using mobile phone option is selected at a cashier that accepts payments using the Boku service, the player will receive a PIN via SMS which can be used to deposit cash quickly. For players who want to deposit a budget at regular intervals, a recurring payment option can be set up.

There are multiple benefits to be had from depositing cash at Pay By Phone Bill Casinos which includes:

High level of comfort

Using a mobile phone bill to make Pay By Phone Bill Casino payments is very simple to arrange and does not need any additional effort as regards setup. The amounts are added to the bill already running. You can also pay using credits available on your mobile. You are not required to do any extra registration or signups if you choose to make use of this service.

Functions alongside pay-as-you-go options

You do not require a fixed contract to use this method of payment. The casino can make deductions from your prepaid mobile account.

Fast deposits

You would not have to deal with long waiting periods before funds hit your online casino account. Phone billing is immediate and works as fast as SMS.

An absence of transaction fees

Unlike most other deposit options, there are no extra charges for using this service.


When using this method, you are not required to input any of your info to third parties. Users are safe in the knowledge that the casino does not have access to banking details.

Although this option has a host of benefits, there are still some minimal drawbacks to note before choosing this option. They include:

Lack of Withdrawal option

Using a mobile phone bill at the casino is a one-way option. You will be able to deposit funds into your account, but as regards withdrawing your winnings, it is not possible when playing at Pay By Phone Bill Casinos. You will need to use alternative methods to remove your winnings from the casino.

Transfer amount limitation

Unfortunately, there are limits to the amount you can deposit using this option,  which means it may not be the best choice for high-rollers.

Limited availability

Presently this option is still only available for residents of the UK. It will be a while before similar solutions are possible for locations outside of the UK.

Pay By Phone Bill Casino deposits are one of the easiest and fastest methods of making deposits to an online casino. There are particularly convenient for players who prefer playing casino games using a smartphone. The most prominent drawback to using this method is that it is not a solution for making casino withdrawals. Selecting an alternative means of payment like Neteller or Skrill for this purpose would be helpful.

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team