Casinos that Accept Prepaid Credit Cards

GambleScope Research Team

Casinos with Prepaid Credit Cards Payment Method

Many individuals have their credit cards rejected at the online casino. If this has happened to you anytime in the past, then you may need to look for an alternative. Prepaid cards can be one such solution. These types of cards are rejected less because they need to be credited before they are used.
These types of cards also offer the added benefit of helping players to budget and manage their casino expenditure. Read on to find out how prepaid credit cards can be used at the online casino.

What are prepaid cards?

Prepaid credit cards are a little different from your standard credit card. They work in the same way, and you can use them at the online casino as you would use a standard credit card issued by a financial institution at the online casino. The significant difference is that prepaid cards do not allow the user to spend money that hasn’t been credited to the card.

Payment methods

There are plenty of payment methods available at the online casino that support the use of a prepaid credit card. One such payment method is Entropay.


Entropay is a popular payment method adopted by many online casinos which provides users with an online account and an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card.

Account holders can use this card to make purchases online. It works on any platform that accepts Visa. It is a secure way of spending funds online without having to state any credit card information.

Registration for an EntroPay visa card and an Entropay account is very quick and easy. You can use debit cards, local bank transfers as well as credit cards to load funds into your EntroPay Visa card. Once you finish loading funds, you can immediately start using your card online, including your favourite online casino.

Benefits of Using Prepaid Cards

There are numerous benefits of using prepaid cards as a payment method in online casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks. Some of these benefits include:

Security and privacy

Prepaid cards are not necessarily linked to a bank account. In fact, many can be credited using cash. This means that no personal banking information needs to be given when you make a payment using such a card. This, in turn, minimises the risk of identity theft.

Easy to Get and Use

Prepaid credit cards are widely available, and you don’t need to go through a bank credit check to get one. Anyone over the age of eighteen can get a prepaid card.

All Gaming Platforms accept them

Since just about all casinos accept Visa or Mastercard, you can use a prepaid card at just about every gaming platform online. The only exception to this would be cryptocurrency casinos that only deal in specific cryptocurrencies, but even then there is nothing stopping the card owner from using their prepaid card to but cryptocurrency.

Eliminates Risk of Overspending

Many players like to use prepaid cards to budget their gambling expenditure since you can’t spend more than is credited on the card.

Disadvantages of Using Prepaid Cards

High Fees

One of the significant drawbacks linked to this means of payment are the fees. Some players may find the costs placed on deposit a bit exorbitant.


It is often impossible to make withdrawals to a prepaid card. There are some exceptions, however. Many casinos can make withdrawals to players who use EntroPay and other such prepaid card payment methods.

How to deposit in online casinos using Prepaid Cards

It’s straightforward to use this method of payment at an online gambling platform. All you need to do is head to the deposit section of your selected online casino. Next, choose the kind of prepaid card you would prefer from the options available, (Mastercard or Visa). You can now indicate the amount you desire to send to your casino balance.

Deposits are instantaneous, and you can get access to your funds immediately. But for withdrawals, it might be a bit trickier. It is not usually possible making withdrawals via prepaid cards. This could be because prepaid cards are not associated with a bank account. It's best to have another option for withdrawal handy if you decide to use a prepaid card.

Are Prepaid Cards a Good Option to Use at the Online Casino

Prepaid cards are one of the payment methods quickly gaining ground worldwide. They offer players a high level of security and ensures reliable and fast transactions. These cards are not only ideal for the purchase of goods and services but are great for purchasing online. In comparison to other means of payment, they have a significant drawback. The fact that they are unable to initiate withdrawals would make them not quite the perfect solution. If you chose to use a prepaid card to make a casino deposit, you would need to have another method for withdrawing your winnings.