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Most people have heard the words Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency over the last couple of years. Dash is yet another type of cryptocurrency. It wasn’t always known by the Dash moniker, at once point it used to be called Darkcoin, but around 2015 it was renamed to Dash (short for Digital Cash).

It makes use of a Darksend system which enables financial transactions to be much easier and faster. It is pretty much like making use of a credit card or cash to pay for anything you desire, with one significant difference, which is guaranteed anonymity thanks to untraceable transactions. Dash is also able to bypass third-party transfer systems during funds transfer. For this reason, Dash is becoming one of the more popular payment methods at the online casino. It is an excellent option for players who would prefer their transactions with Dash Casinos to be untraceable.

It is no surprise that gambling is one of the most rapidly growing industries where Dash is in use. An ever-increasing number of sportsbooks and casino operators seem to be including Dash in their list of accepted payment methods, and there are a few very credible reasons for this. The price of Dash has continued to increase to record levels. These price increases have in turn raised the profile of Dash Casinos that accept this cryptocurrency.

To be able to use Dash at the online casino which accepts the cryptocurrency, the player must first acquire a crypto wallet if they don’t have one already.

First Step: Get a Wallet to store Dash

Before even thinking about buying or trading another cryptocurrency for Dash, a player must first have a crypto wallet to save the public, and private keys linked to the Dash purchased. Just like any other cryptocurrency, Dash can be stored on numerous kinds of wallets. It is advisable to get a hardware or paper wallet when storing digital currency for the added security they provide, while for the casual player; a desktop or online wallet would work just as well.

Second Step: Purchase/Trade for Dash

Buying Dash (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter) may seem a complicated process at first for those new to cryptocurrencies. If players already own another type of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, for example, they can seamlessly exchange it for Dash on numerous types of exchange websites where cryptocurrencies are traded. Some of the more popular sites are Shapeshift, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Coinbase. Players are also able to purchase Dash using their credit cards or wire transfers.

Third Step: Moving the purchased Dash coins to the Wallet

After the coins have been obtained, the players must move the coins to their personal wallet, to be able to access them for payment to the Dash casinos.

While many online casinos were extremely reluctant to accept Bitcoin as a legitimate payment mode, surprisingly the case is a bit different for Dash, as the number of Dash Casinos has been steadily growing. Currently, the majority of the top operators comprehend the significance of developing a secure setting for Dash paying players. Dash has every advantage that an online player might require in today's world, especially when it comes to trustworthiness, anonymity and speed. Withdrawals and deposits are handled rapidly, and players don't have to stress about if anyone would stumble upon their gambling habits.

Gambling with Dash also provides the exact type of advantage Bitcoin introduced to the gaming industry which is provable fair gaming. In actuality, the best feature players would be winning should they decide to play with Dash is that they will be using a cryptocurrency that is growing even more rapidly than the pace of Bitcoin (a current rates). What this means is that their winnings are bound to make them even more money by the time they come to withdraw casino funds.

One disadvantage, however, would be the fact that while the numbers of Dash Casinos are increasing daily, they are still relatively few in number when compared to those that take Bitcoin and even fewer compared to those that accept traditional payment methods. At the current rate of acceptance, this may change shortly, but for the moment the online casinos and games available might seem limited to some players.

At the time of writing this article, Dash Casinos predominantly accept a number of other cryptocurrencies as well. That is to say, that there are not many (if any) which specialise solely in this particular cryptocurrency.

However, as with everything in the world, change is constant in the online casino industry, and it indeed won’t be too long before online Dash Casinos emerge that specialise in this cryptocurrency. Moreover, Dash has been growing in adoption and price has been increasing at an impressive rate since it first became available. For these reasons, it is sure to see it join the ranks of cryptocurrencies with its very one gambling sites such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The foremost question on the minds of players thinking about playing with Dash is: is it a wise idea to use Dash at a casino? The answer is a solid yes, as Dash is quickly becoming one of them, if not the most favoured, cryptocurrency option for the majority of online casino operators. It helps that it is the sixth biggest cryptocurrency available, and with that, it can offer numerous benefits and convenience such as speed, security, and anonymity over standard online casinos.

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team